Monday 15 August 2011

Der verdammte Jude, and so on.

It's when the conditions are really bad that a "strong leader" emerges, a demagogue whom the people flock to as a saviour in a world of pain, who tells them where the fault lies - in a clearly identifiable scapegoat, the Jew or the Muslim or the Communist, the liberal or the Socialist or the illegal immigrant - anywhere as long as it's a clearly identifiable group and can be easily targeted and victimised.

The people lap it up because, of course, they are glad to know that they have an identifiable enemy to target, and they will follow that demagogue to the point of ruin, and beyond.

But for the shambolic horror of the Weimar Republic, Hitler would likely never have become der F├╝hrer.  I could go on and on, but that example will more than suffice. Remember the German people voted him into power, in a perfectly democratic election.

Now that the world is a cake to be cut up and consumed by ultra-rich corporations, and the people are a despised underclass everywhere, I wonder who the next scapegoat is going to be, and when.

As to the where? That's easy.


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