Sunday 14 August 2011

Request for help/advice on Ubuntu

My desktop is running on (perfectly genuine) Windows XP, and has been running on said genuine Windows XP for over five years. However, I'm now (for the last few days) getting notifications from Microsoft that my XP has failed validation tests. Obviously, since they are no longer selling damn XP, this is a ploy to try and force me to buy 7. However, having tried out both Vista and 7 on my laptop, I am underwhelmed with either.

I've been hearing good things about Ubuntu for years, and I've been considering freeing myself from Microsoft's money-sucking machinations by changing over - and said desire has never been quite so strong as now. However, I have zero experience of Linux. None at all.

What would you recommend? Should I reinstall XP? Switch to Ubuntu? If the latter, how do I use it? Keep in mind that I'm not very tech-savvy.

Tell me, tell me truly.


  1. Doc, I suggest you stick on to Windows only, and all you need to do is just reinstall the XP once again.. Ubuntu, though good, will have some compatability issues with some applications,most importantly MS Office..


  2. You have had the same computer for 5 years?

    You are my hero.

    My computers self-destruct after about 13 months.

  3. I have had this desktop since 2003 - that's eight years. I've had this particular XP pack for five years.


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