Sunday, 9 April 2017


There is a woman called Syria.
A man looked at her one day
With greed and lust in his eyes.

He beat her and battered her
Tore at her clothes, tried to rape her
But she fought back, she fought him back
And made him afraid.

So he stood in the marketplace
And screamed her name
Filled with hate and imprecations
Said she was to blame.

Came a crowd of people
Armed with sticks and with stones
To take hold of this woman
Cut her and break her bones.

But still she stands tall and unafraid
She seeks to stay free
Syria, I bow my head before you
Give a little of your courage to me.

When your enemies retreat again
As in time they must do -
Let me kneel at your feet a moment
In homage to you.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2017 

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1 comment:

  1. I once read the US version of history and was glad I lived in the nation G_d chose as the Greatest Force for Good in the world.

    Then I got old. The US version had far too many internal and external contradictions for my taste, but I have rather esoteric tastes. Most Americans still feel as I did when I was a child and thought as a child, and love the world their schools and MSM paint for them.

    In the US/UK/EU version, in 2011, the Syrian people realised that their government was a brutal dictatorship and rose up against it. All were peaceful, pro-democracy activists. In response, the brutal regime has murdered anywhere from 300,000 to 600,000 of those innocent, unarmed pro-democracy activists. I saw a graph that terrorists have killed a few thousand people, lost in the round-off error. More than 95% of those dead in the patriotic uprising against a brutal dictator were murdered by the brutal dictator.

    But now, I see the internal and external inconsistencies in the US/UK/EU/Saudi/Zionist/Turkish version of reality: it looks mostly false.

    In 2003, Bush, jr invaded Iraq and put about 100,000 Iraqis in Camp Bucca where they were subject to enhanced interrogation. In 2009, Obama released them if they'd swear to go to Syria and overthrow the evil regime, and most swore and received their freedom, weapons, and money, and they built their organisation peacefully for two years, then started war on Syria in 2011, joined by jihadist Salafis from all over Dar al Islam (many from Saudi, of course) and some from Christendom.

    They destroyed Syria, but the US/UK/EU/Saudi/Zionist/Turkish version remains that they were just peaceful, pro-democracy activists, and it was the evil regime that destroyed Syria (why they'd destroy Syria after keeping it peaceful with decent jobs for those who needed to work for the previous 40 years is a question not to be asked).

    So what's going to happen? Iran says Syria can defend itself. But Saddam thought Iraq could defend itself. Qaddafi thought Libya could defend itself. Putin and Iran say they will support Syria. The New York Times says Putin will soon be replaced if he does not realise that Russia is squatting on NATO military bases, and, if Putin does not withdraw, Trump can very easily engineer regime change in Russia. With Russia weak, and with the US having a powerful pre-emptive EMP strike and a solid ABM defence system, there is nothing Russia can do if Trump wants regime change, so Putin's only hope is to become Trump's puppet. Or else. And Syria gets the Higher National Council as its government, with high positions filled by AQS and ISL, who, being part of the legitimate government, are no longer terrorists. And NATO gets all the Russian military bases in Syria (and then starts on the Crimea).

    So will Putin accept the American experts' analysis and quietly leave Syria? Doesn't look like it. What happens when the US sinks Putin's entire navy and bombs the entire Russia air force with cruise missiles (so no US pilots at risk)?

    What, if anything, can Putin do to inculcate the tiniest bit of apprehension that the top American analysts are not completely right so they will allow the legitimate Syrian government to bring peace back to Syria?



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