Saturday, 8 April 2017

Bombing Syria

As everyone knows by now, the Imperialist States of Amerikastan, under der Trümpfer, launched 59 cruise missiles at a Syrian airport last night. About two thirds of the vaunted Tomahawk missiles actually failed to hit their targets; a number were shot down while the rest fell on adjoining civilian areas. Even so, 23 out of 59 struck the airport, destroying or damaging fifteen aircraft, killing six soldiers and officers, and igniting a fuel depot.

It was perfectly obvious that this wasn’t a strike made up on the spur of the moment; this was the same air base which, according to the Zionist entity, had dared to retaliate with S200 missiles when zionazi planes had bombed Syria a few days ago. Also, this was one of the airports, in Hama province, which was actively engaging ISIS, rather than Obama’s – and now der Trümpfer’s – moderate cannibals.

Sure enough, just as they’d done earlier after America and its vassals deliberately bombed a Syrian Army base in Deir Azzor, ISIS followed immediately with an offensive. If one were of a nasty suspicious conspiracy-theorist mindset, one might almost believe that ISIS had known that the attack was going to happen and were all ready to exploit it. But that’s just paranoid conspiracy theorising, isn’t it?

The official excuse for the attack – retaliation for “Assad’s gas attacks on Syrian civilians” – is so farcical that it doesn’t stand examination for a moment. But it was, of course, an ideal excuse to start a conflict, and der Trümpfer needed this conflict. Why?

The first reason was to defang the worst, most pernicious hypocrites the world has ever seen, the Amerikastani liberal. These vermin, who had been clamouring for war with Syria all through the liberation of Aleppo, found another excuse to needle der Trümpfer for “not doing anything” when Assad was “gassing his own people”. Their deity, the blood soaked war criminal Killary Klingon, crawled out from under the garbage to bleat that she would have been “more aggressive”. Having bombed the Syrians officially – his predecessor, the mass murderer Barack Hussein Obama, had done so “by accident” - der Trümpfer took that particular wind out of their sails. Albeit for the moment only.

Why for the moment? The reason is Russia. Russia has a large military presence in Syria now, and is deeply committed to annihilating the jihadi cannibals as well as ISIS infesting the country. Russia isn’t about to let this go unpunished, and has already withdrawn cooperation from coordinating air sorties to avoid clashes over Syria. This means that if any Amerikastani plane intrudes into Syrian airspace from now on, it is fair game.

This in turn means that, whether der Trümpfer knows it or not, he is faced with a dilemma. He can either back down or continue to escalate the situation. If he backs down, the howls of outrage from the liberals will rise to the skies. “This proves he’s Putin’s puppet,” they will say. If he continues to escalate, there will be war with Russia. It’s a corner he’s painted himself into, and there’s no way he can get out of it.

Actually, there are other reasons he bombed Syria, and these are all in favour of escalation. One is to appease the zionazis, who are desperate to prevent the Syrian government from winning. The apartheid Zionist colonial regime in Occupied Palestine wants a divided, weakened Syria. It also wants a “Kurdistan”, ruled by one of the Kurdish factions it controls, so it can exploit its resources. And what the zionazi regime wants, in any Amerikastani administration since 1967 at least, the zionazi regime gets.

Then, it was to get the military industrial complex on his side. As long as der Trümpfer was claiming to want to not engage in regime change wars, the complex was deeply unhappy, because war is just about the only industry the Imperialist States of Amerikastan still has. Now, he’s as suddenly acceptable to them as George W Bush became as soon as he attacked Afghanistan. Overnight, I predict, the talk about “impeaching” Trump will disappear from the media, and he will be rehabilitated as a patriot doing the best for his country.

That’s the idea. The reality, as the first battles with Russia will amply demonstrate, will be somewhat different.

Bring on the Apocalypse.


Here are some cartoons. The first is a Statement of Gratitude. You'll agree al Qaeda has a lot to be grateful for.


The second is actual and incontrovertible Proof Of The Syrian Regime's Chemical Holocaust. I'm sure you'll admit that we on the Assad side have no reply to it.


The third is the phenomenon of al Qaeda's Air Force, which in 2001 comprised four hijacked aeroplanes and now consist of the entirety of NATO. I hope Americans are happy and proud of this. I know al Qaeda are.


And the fourth is the Rescue Mission which the Emperor of the World had to embark on in Syria. You know how it is.

Did I use too little orange, or is it enough?


  1. The Zionists want a good, Wahhabi Syria, the internationally (except for Russia and China) recognised government of Syria, the Higher National Council (CNN says almost all Syrians are desperate for the US to liberate them from the evil regime and put the Higher National Council in charge). This will put Syria at war with Hezbollah, ideally a perpetual war that will keep Muslims out of the Zionists' hair. Good plan. I think the Iraqi government knew that, once the US had destroyed most of al-Qaeda in Iraq in '14, their troubles were all over.

    CNN and the New York Times had to apologise to Trump for calling him a buffoon. Now he's obviously a Great President (although some of the anti-Trump types say he gave Russia warning, and most Russians got away; they also say most of the air base is still operational, Trump did not order all runways destroyed, so the attack was far too feeble, even though the Islamic State in Syria and al-Qaeda in Syria seem to be taking good advantage of the strike).

    Russia remains an enigma. Russia admits it is very weak relative to the US, and is not ready for Armageddon. All St Hillary's advisers (who now seem to be advising Trump) say, once the US makes it clear that regime change in Syria is going to happen no matter what Russia tries to do, Russia will quietly pack its bags and leave. CNN reiterates that Russia has no love for the evil Syrian regime. They'd like to keep their Med bases, but they know that's not possible if the US are determined to transfer those bases to their rightful owner: NATO, so they'll slink silently away.

    The Russians are starting to see dominoes. After WWII, which the US press reported the US had won single-handedly, the United Nations mostly consisted of the US and its puppets, and the USSR had to veto every Security Council resolution to topple a regime that found the terms offered by the USSR were far preferable to those offered by NATO. But more and more nations allied with the USSR. The US saw dominoes, and said Vietnam was the last domino, and would be defended at all costs. (And the US might still be fighting in Vietnam had it not been for Watergate, for which every sane person is grateful.)

    Times change. After the USSR collapsed and Yeltsin was in charge, the US began toppling all regimes that had been allied with the USSR. About all that's left is Syria, and Putin claims that's one domino too far. Does he mean it? Will he fight or slink off? If he abandons Syria, the Crimea will be next, and he knows it. Some have written that Putin's best bet is to give up Syria and try to hold on to the Crimea, where he has better logistics (but not good enough to stand up to the US, those advisers all assured St Hillary and now assure Donald).

    So we are waiting to see what happens next.

    Israel frequently bombs Syria (for no reason that anyone can understand, except to make the PM look tough to the voters), and has warned of severe consequences if Syria ever tries to deploy its air defences, which (so far) Syria has refrained from deploying.

    Trump has not sent planes to attack Syria. CNN says a no-fly zone MUST be his next step. If Trump agrees, will he use anti-aircraft missiles to enforce the 'no fly zone', so no US plane is at risk? If he does, will Trump order the US to shoot down Russian planes, or only Syrian planes (and then say any Russia plane was shot down by 'mistake')? And if the US shoots down a Russian plane, what will Putin do?

    And if Trump sends US planes, will Putin shoot them down? Or will Syria and Russia give the US the same leeway that Syria gives the Zionists (and we know how the US used its planes in Libya, something the Zionists are much to smart to try)?

    I don't have any answers today, but I'm afraid I'll have many answers I don't like very soon.


  2. I forgot to say, Great Cartoons!


  3. The New York Times readers rank the comments, and most readers agree that the Kompromat tapes have made Trump into Putin's puppet, Putin wanted to distract the American voters from the now irrefutable proof that Trump was forced to work with the KGB to get Putin elected President of the US, so he ordered Trump to send missiles against a Syrian air base AFTER the Russian forces had time to leave.

    The readers all want carpet bombing of Damascus and the replacement of the evil Syrian regime with the Higher National Council, whom CNN assures us all decent Syrians want (if they ain't Wahhabi, they ain't decent Syrians), followed by replacement of the evil Russian and Iranian regimes.

    So what's next?

    I have no idea, but I figure, nothing good.


  4. Keep it COMING Billy !

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  5. I could not post the Prologue to my small comment
    but .. Keep it coming Billy Boy .. Your smnall Jewel of a Blog belongs to my SELECT List .. and THAT is an HONOUR !

  6. All these U S military actions such as the recent bombing of the Syrian air base or the use of the MOAB in Afghanistan will only make people hate us more than they already do. It will help in creating more insurgents, and who could blame them? Trump is intent on destroying anything and everything that isn't in line with his point of view. There are quite a few people who see through all the ignorant posturing and bullying and frankly are horrified at these actions and the consequences that could ensue.


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