Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Current Affairs In Cartoons. Plus one more.

As I Was Going To St Ives



Interview With A Vampire


Sarin For The Interruption




  1. Bill, there is more truth in your cartoons than ALL US of A TV/print 'news" combined. Excellent insight my friend. Thank you for ALL your work on the blog.

  2. The US/UK/EU have ascertained that the evil Syrian regime, with assistance from Russia and Iran, have deployed sarin gas against women and children. Trump has promised regime change in Syria and Iran, and, if Russia tries to interfere, in Russia as well, as such a heinous war crime obviously deserves.

    As the US/UK/EU noted, the UN says that investigation is needed, clearly coddling the heinous criminals whose identity is absolutely obvious to every patriot in the US/UK/EU, and they will not allow the UN to delay the punishment these criminals deserve.

    (Back when Clinton was sure to win, Saudi paid her ample baksheesh to replace the evil, illegitimate regime in Syria with the internationally recognised government, the Higher National Council located in the Syrian capital city of Riyadh. The Higher National Council are all good Wahhabis, as are all the decent, honest, law-abiding Syrians, and they will cleanse Syria of all the filth perpetrated on the innocent Syrians by the evil regime, that has done absolutely nothing about the heinous criminals in Syria who include all infidels, heretics who practice a non-Wahhabi sect of Islam, apostates, blasphemers, adulteresses, and pagan atrocities built by the Romans to tempt the faithful to idolatry.)

    Now that Saudi has figured out that Trump won the election, they have paid him the requisite baksheesh, and he has recognised the sole legitimate government of Syria, the Higher National Council, and promised to force a rapid regime change from the evil heretical regime to the Higher National Council, the sole legitimate government of Syria, recognised by the US/UK/EU, and who else matters???



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