Saturday, 31 December 2016

Shape For A Moment

I was born in the fiery birth of the universe
Atoms torn from the stuff of time
Ripped from the incandescence of the Big Bang

Cooled into the blazing nuclear heat of the furnace
Of blue-white stars, nuclei smashed together into things
Strange and new

In the galaxy-spanning eruption of supernovae
I was scattered across the expanding universe
As gas, as cosmic dust

As the stuff that congealed to stars anew.
And I was born again
Aglow in the rushing dark,

Joined, broken, merged and joined
Things made from things,
To be scattered once more.

And then I was an accretion disk
Clotting around another sun
Into a planet where the sky rained

Electric fire on a chaos of mud and water
Long chain molecules twisted to life
And I was in it.

Drinking in the sun. Chewing carbon,
Putting forth leaves
Clawing my prey to the ground on a long gone plain.

Living, eating, being eaten
Dying a moment, to live in a moment
As something else once more.

And so, here am I
That had been stars, and will be stars again
For this moment, a hairless ape on a ball of rock.

This body, these thoughts
But a shape for a moment
Of matter indestructible

Born in the instant of the universe
And living as long as the universe does
So what does this moment mean?

This consciousness that will wink out in a moment
As meaningful as a spark of light
Here now, now gone.

So tell me, why should I be sad?
Sadness will die with today.

And tomorrow, that which was once a star, and will be a star again
Will live on as a lump of clay.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2016

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  1. Ae, but it is a long time until tomorrow
    And we'll be safe till then
    As long as we hold onto love and we don't
    Let hope slip through our fingers.

    You are a great lover, friend. <3

  2. Bill,
    Many thanks for this my friend.
    Carl Sagan said we are all made of star stuff, this fits that comment quite well.

  3. Nice poetry! I love the imagery.


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