Thursday, 29 December 2016

Current Affairs in Cartoons

Aleppo is Burning!


Know The Difference!

Essential Ingredient

Eenie Meenie Minie Mo

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  1. Since Obama is shipping LOTs of MANPADs to the Daesh and al-Qaeda, it won't end when he leaves office.

    And MANPADs are very portable. In theory, the US MANPADs recognise every US military plane's ECM so they won't hit a US military plane, but they can be used at any airport to shoot down any passenger plane. None of which will happen until after Trump takes office.

    So Obama is leaving behind a great legacy. He's hoping to be remembered as the last president when it was safe to fly, and that this will force Trump out of office, force Putin out of office, and give the Congress to the Democrats in the '18 election and give them the White House in the '20 election.

    And history books should recognise Obama as one of America's greatest presidents!



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