Saturday 12 November 2016

Open Letter To Killary Voters

Dear Killary voters who are now rioting in protest against Trump - may I, a neutral, ask you a few questions?

You aren't happy with Trump taking office. Not only is he a vile, xenophobic, misogynist racist, who wants to throw out Hispanic immigrants and block unregulated Muslim immigration, but you don't want his finger on the nuclear button.

Fine. So do tell me this:

Where were you when Barack Hussein Obama was bombing seven - seven! - Muslim countries? Where were you when he held Kill List meetings every Tuesday and went eenie-meenie-minie-moe on who he'd kill that week? When he chortled that he was "really good at killing folk", where were you?

When Obama's drones blew up weddings and funerals, schools and ambulances, and killed brown skinned people (like this writer- like me) only because of the colour of their skin and their "military age", why were you silent? When he armed and financed the zionist entity in Occupied Palestine as it was blasting Gaza to pieces in 2014 and building illegal settlements and an Apartheid Wall in the West Bank, where was your outrage?

When Obama instigated and arranged a colour revolution in Ukraine, replacing a democratically elected government with a shambolic puppet regime of Ukranazis and oligarchs, what happened to your anger? When these Ukranazis were shelling and bombing towns in Donbass and burning alive protestors in Odessa, may I know where you were?

Where were you when Killary Klingon, as Secretary of State, destroyed Libya and murdered Gaddafi, cackling maniacally "We came, we saw, he died" and posed with al Qaeda on the tarmac in Tripoli? When her jihadis stuffed black Libyans in cages, hacked them with machetes, destroyed their towns and raped and murdered young women who wouldn't wear hijabs, where were you?

What did you say when this same Killary sent arms from Libya to Syria to arm jihadi cannibal headhunters there? What was your response when she - and Obama - plotted to turn Syria into another destroyed wasteland like Libya? Why were your lips sealed when they almost started WWIII with Russia over al Qaeda in that country?

Where did your outrage go when Obama armed, instigated and supported Saudi Barbaria's (failing) war on Yemen , including a starvation blockade that has reduced a generation of Yemeni children to skeletons?

You hate racism, but when Killary stole millions from Haiti, installed a coup regime in Honduras, and Obama deported Mexicans in record numbers, what happened to your anger?

I would love to know what you were doing, too, when Killary devastated Serbia, creating the narcomafia pseudostate of Kosovo, whose handpicked thug-in-chief Hashim Thaçi traded human organs for profit. Did you protest about this at any point?

I'm sure you're all very earnest and very anti racist, so you should have no trouble answering my questions.

Please do let me know.

Yours sincerely

Bill the Butcher

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  1. Bill,
    I am not one of the supposed 'liberals' who are rioting because Killary lost the election. You know by now that I am not either a 'liberal' nor a 'conservative'. Not by the way those terms are abused here in 'Merikkka any who. Nope, I do not fit into either of the two big animal gangs. Never have, never will.
    These morons who are rioting are spoiled brats, little children who feel they are owed some special privilege because they voted for Killary. And to just think back a very few days when the MSM (what passes for 'news' in 'Merikkka) was so worried that if Trump lost, his supporters would riot. Remember also, that Trump himself said that he would accept the election results, IF he won.
    Well, now that Killary lost, fair and square, or as close as we in 'Merikkka actually get to such for an election, her supporters are the ones who are rioting, etc..
    I'd say more about these spoiled brats, but (cannot remember that German word right now, damn) I was brought up to not kick somebody when they are down. However, my drill instructors in Marine Corps boot camp taught us that when the opponent is down, that IS the best time to kick him/her. You don't have to raise your foot so high when the opponent is on the ground.
    Yes, I DO enjoy this turn about, still cannot remember that damn German word. It starts with an "S" is all I remember. Hey, I am nearly 69 years old and have severe COPD and emphysema, so you see, my brain is starved for oxygen. Well, maybe not starved, but my lung capacity is way, way down, 15% last time the pulmonary doc checked me out. See, even old charlie can summon up an excuse.
    That reminds me, another thing my senior drill instructor told us, excuses are like a**holes, everybody has at least one.
    Cheers Bill and many thanks for pointing out the utter hypocrisy of the sad little babies who wanted so much for Killary to be POTUS. Hey kids, your candidate LOST, deal with it ike adults or we WILL send you to your room (prison cell) with NO cell phone, tablet, computer, TV or any other way to entertain yourself. No, we'll let your new 'friends' who are already in prison introduce you to their form of entertainment.
    As old Bugs Bunny used to say; ain't I a stinker?

  2. P.S.
    You ask some very important questions here Bill. I apologize for not mentioning this in my original posted comments. These spoiled brats who wanted Killary as POTUS should be forced to answer each of your questions, but, this being 'Merikkka, they never will even be asked them by the powers that be. It is a 100% certainty that Killary will never even dream of asking them.
    They are hypocrites of the worst sort. I have the interview where Killary says the "we came, we saw, he died" crap and her awful cackle after she says those words. That alone should terrify the shit out of every sane human being on the planet. That is who these brats wanted as POTUS? Shit on toast, that is almost enough to get me to sort of nearly accept some doG or other. Notice I did say almost.

  3. Bill, Good for you. I've been asking these question of Killary supporters all during the years of Obamatime and like always, get silence in return. And I used to say in response "Okay, then, bring on the Republicans!" Now they're here and protests have broken out. A friend of mine wrote to say "there's something to be said for starting out with a government that is hated" and I'd agree with that. Hopefully, Trump's victory will get some action out of the moribund American populace.

  4. America is going the way of Rome. Only much faster.

  5. Once upon a time, I knew that I knew nothing about what was currently happening outside the US of A, so I believed the well-vetted reporters for the US MSM.

    Then I was sentenced to a Concentration Camp when my wife filed for divorce, said I was sexually unattractive, said she had needs, said she had to get her sexual fulfilment from one of the Greatest Men in West Virginia, and said that I was an award-winning member of the NRA and a computer genius who would quickly find out my wife's lover and kill him. The judge said that I had to pay my ex 110% of my take-home pay (less than 100% of my before-tax income, so why couldn't I pay it?). He said, for refusing to pay that 110% he ordered, I would be gaoled until I paid the last penny, and, since I earned more than $2,000 a month, I had to pay for all my food and medicine AFTER I paid my wife that 110%. This was the consequence of a law pushed through Congress by Bill (Clinton, no relation).

    My wife's lawyer asked, 'Why isn't this bad boy in gaol?' My lawyer said, 'His father gave him enough money that he hasn't missed a payment, so the judge couldn't lock him up. I want this bad boy in gaol, so the judge must increase his monthly payment by $1,000 a month retroactive for 3 years.' The judge said he had no idea how to do that, and ordered my lawyer to write the order, he'd sign it, I'd go to Concentration Camp with no food or medicine and my wife's lover would be safe. My lawyer demanded that I give her $20,000 to write the order for my execution, or she'd make things much, much worse for me. I refused, and left the US for good (my sister paid my lawyer, she wrote the order, and I was ordered gaoled a week after I left).

    So I no longer believe the US MSM, a free, democratic press that always tells the TRVTH.

    According to the US/UK/EU MSM, the poor souls in East Aleppo are democratic freedom fighters being mercilessly slaughtered by the evil regimes of 3 countries, all of which must be changed to decent democratic regimes. The evil jihadists in Mosul must be stopped by the great, democratic, internationally approved coalition forces who don't seem to be making quite as much progress as the MSM said they were to support a Clinton presidency.

    And (according to the US/UK/EU MSM), anyone who can't see the obvious difference between the evil being done to the democratic freedom fighters in Aleppo and the righteous justice being administered to the evil jihadists in Mosul is blind.



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