Wednesday, 28 September 2016

In The Dark Again

Apologies if this isn't up to my usual standards, but I did it directly on MS Paint in half an hour instead of my normal technique of first drawing it on paper in pencil, then scanning and processing it, etc.


  1. Hard to know whom to believe.

    Most logical explanation, Ukraine said they would be sending a bomber to turn the rebels into Guernica, made sure the rebels knew the flight path of the 'bomber', then ordered MH17 to follow that path. Fault on both sides, and plausible.

    Russia says they have radar that proves the missile was from Ukrainian space, but Denmark says Russia never handed it over. Russia want US satellite images, but US refuses (no reason given, not necessary to respond to the Red Menace).

    A mess, a tragedy, and Ukraine is not without fault, but were the rebels also at fault? Not clear.


  2. But was it an unbiased investigation?


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