Friday, 30 September 2016

Heroes and Zeroes

The reason I prefer ISIS to al Nusra is that the former is considerate enough to have a simple flag, easy for me to draw!

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  1. The US/UK/France have determined that Russia and the evil Syrian regime are guilty of heinous war crimes. The US drone strike is carefully targeted, and has only killed terrorists who were heinous criminal enemies of all that is peaceful and right, including many evil terrorists under 6 years of age.

    Russia and the evil Syrian regime have not killed a single terrorist, only peaceful, unarmed, innocent protesters, which is clearly a war crime. It is a terrible sin of omission that Obama has not taken stronger action. Obviously, he did the right thing in Libya, transforming that impoverished, brutal dictatorship and state sponsor of terrorism into a peaceful and prosperous democracy, and without the loss of a single life! Why he didn't also do that for Syria is the worst omission of his preidency.

    Fortunately, on 20 Jan '17, St Redbeard will remove the evil dictators of both Syria and Russia, put the peaceful al-Nusra in charge to cleanse all the filth left by the evil regime: shrines to pagan gods, infidels, and apostates. We hope al-Nusra and the Daesh can put their differences aside and run Syria the way it should be run.



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