Tuesday 29 December 2015

The Great Big ISIS Movie Extravaganza Part XXVII

Copyright B Purkayastha 2015


  1. Whoever misdirected the jumpsuits did far more to afflict ISIS than those fatuous Obamaphiles who keep prattling "daesh, daesh, daesh!" at them. —jim

  2. I asked a Syrian about the Syrian Arab Spring on Monday. She told me it really was an Arab Spring: the US and Saudi Arabia decided to spring the most violent jihadists they had gaoled in Saudi Sharia gaols and the US had in its Iraqi gaols for criminal combatant jihadis, and all were offered a full pardon and release if they would promise to go to Syria and overthrow the evil secular regime and replace it with an honest, legitimate Wahhabi government, one that would end the secular regime's allowing of heinous criminal practices in Syria, practices like apostasy (includes all Shi'a, Druze, and Alawites), practising infidels (i.e., Christians), and allowing pagan shrines to remain unobliterated tempting the faithful to idolatry.

    All decent, honest, law-abiding citizens of the US/EU/Turkey/Saudi Arabia agree that was the best possible plan, but those jihadists did not respect the sacred Sykes-Picot boundaries that were given to Sir Sykes and M. Picot by Allah himself. Instead, those jihadists took over 1/3 of Iraq, as well as the 1/2 of Syria that was a good start on what they'd been freed to accomplish, with the promise of either great glory or great houris.

    So the US had to bomb their positions in Iraq, and a criminal Brit who had infiltrated the honest Daesh was so upset he killed three Americans, forcing the US to drop a couple of bombs on Syria (being careful NOT to bomb the Daesh when it was taking over Palmyra and executing Syrian regime criminals and obliterating those pagan shrines that desperately needed obliterating).

    The US/EU/Turkey/Saudi Arabia now say they must get rid of the Daesh, and have an excellent plan to do so: they want to declare the 'Daesh' the 'legitimate government of Syria' (along with al-Qaeda), after which, the 'Daesh' (and al-Qaeda) will be completely eliminated!



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