Thursday 1 January 2015

Crushing the Flowers

I began that poem again.

You know the one – where the flowers bloomed
Among the grass, and your small feet
Tripped dancing through the
Colour-speckled green
Like the touch of a fairy on the grass
Now here, now gone.
Kissing the grass, fondling the flowers
Your dancing feet in the sunlight
That was the poem

The poem that is never done.

And I, stumbling after
Heavy-booted, crushing down
The flowers, being too clumsy
To let them be.
Petals broken and strewn in the grass
Like jewel-tears
Marking where I passed.

My boots were not part of the poem, though.

I did not want to hurt the flowers. 
It was not my fault

That I could not dance.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2015


  1. Now I know what to wish for you for after-2014. A love, with bare feet, a heart to give you courage to take off your boots, and lightness of spirit that you may dance (now and then) even sometimes by yourself.

  2. Take the heavy boots off. Make an effort. Feel the grass and touch the fallen petals.


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