Monday, 23 April 2012

Here is your God

Here is your god
In the pressing together of hydrogen atoms driven
To fusion, in the energy set free
As matter dies inside a trillion suns.

Here is your god
In the storm of energy streaming
Out into the dark between the worlds
At the speed of light.

Here is your god
All over everywhere, everywhen
In ten million million galaxies, till the border of eternity
Where spacetime ends.

Here is your god
In the glow of a red dwarf sun
And in the prism of a dewdrop on a leaf
Trembling, before it falls.

Here is your god
Everything that was, is, will be
Till the last star burns out
And entropy wins.

Here is your god
Who requires no worship
Who requires no faith
Who requires no Holy Wars.

Here is your god
God of broken rock whirling through the cosmic dark
God of man and woman and all else
Made of a reborn star.

Here is your god
Who was before the first consciousness
Stirred in the primal mud
And who will outlive it.

Here is your god
Who has no angels singing praises at its throne
Who keeps no track of the fall of a sparrow 
Who just was, and is.

Here is your god
Who offers no heaven, threatens no hell
Who only allows you to live
And create your own destiny.

Here is your god
In the comet in the sky
In the laughter of a child
In everything that you see. 

Here is your god
Who does not demand your belief
Who does not know you exist
Or care.

Here is your god
Whose temples are the galaxy and the pebble
Dark matter and giant white sun
And you.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2012

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