Friday, 1 February 2019

Word Of The Day

Russianbot, n.

For the first time ever, there is now a unit for measuring patriotism!

It's called the Russianbot.

Definition: It is the level of patriotism achieved when an Amerikastani (or Brutish or other EUNATO) citizen randomly accuses a stranger online of being a "Russian bot" for the crime of disagreeing with his or her love of Hillary Clinton/hate (and ignorance) of Vladimir Putin and Russia/admiration of the so called state of Israel.

Example: "Did you see this response column to this article saying Trump is betraying Israel by withdrawing troops from Syria? It's crawling with people who say that America had no right to send troops there in the first place! I called each one of them a Russian bot!"

One Russianbot = 1000 millirussianbots.

One millirussianbot being the level of patriotism achieved by insinuating that said stranger is a "Russian bot" without openly saying so, for instance, calling them "Ivan" or asking what the weather is like in Moscow.

Patriotic physics and chemistry textbooks will soon be compelled to include this unit, if the authors responsible know what's good for them!


  1. Trump appointed #NeverTrump Republicans to most of the top positions in his administration, so all his top Intelligence appointments say Russia and the PRC and the DPRK are all working hard to rig the next election, hack the power grid and the gas grid and the water treatment plants, and anyone who doesn't accept that is either a spy for Russian, the PRC , and/or the DPRK.


  2. Well then, I must be aa Russianbot. Yes sir, even though I have an Honorable discharge from the US Marines, while most of congress and white house staffers never wore any military uniform. Hell, I even did my tour in the Vietnam war while many supposedly "USA, USA, USA" asshats never wore a US military uniform. They either had "the priorities" or "never got the opportunity" to serve. I laugh for hours when I'm told by some moronic clown of the male human who is so super patriotic class he never had the opportunity. What mucking forons they are. You see what I did there of course. Wasn't sure calling them fucking morons would get posted by you. Feel free to edit my comment Bill.


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