Monday, 24 December 2018

Oh Santa Had A Baby

Oh Santa had a baby
He called him Jong Un Kim
He sent him to the White House
To teach Trump how to swim

In shark infested waters
Be it fish that may
Bite off your head and fingers
Or just another way

Of saying that your stooges
May stab you in the back
And if you enter politics
Brains you must not lack

The Orange One listened
And frowning badly said
"I have as much use for advice
As the wig on my head

"I'll invade Syria
Put troops in Kabul too
And face off with the Russians
Like bears at the zoo

"And when the chips are down 
We're losing left and right
I'll pull out my soldiers
And say we won the fight

"What if the liberals cavil
My only constituency
Is the one in Tel Aviv
Their money means all to me."

Kim Jong Un listened
Nodding placatingly
As to any ranting madman
And went back across the sea.

"Koreas come together
Build us a great big wall
Against Bibi and the orange utan
In the Bedlam hall."

Oh Santa had a baby
He called him Jong Un Kim
He might have been short and fat
But he had a brain on him.

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