Monday, 4 December 2017

Word Of The Day

Russian bot , n.

Definition : Anyone who wins an argument against a liberal. Anyone who uses facts instead of hysterical accusations. Anyone who opposes imperialist wars on the excuse of "humanitarian intervention."

Etymology: From Russia, an unknown and vague land of Absolute Evil which exists in a parallel dimension and sends liberals stomach upsets, head colds, and bad dreams

and bot, a catchall phrase for anything online that makes a liberal uncomfortable.

Synonyms : Putinist, Putin-bot, Russian agent, Russian troll, Comrade, fascist, communist.

Example : "I can't believe how brazenly the Russian bots claim Hillary Clinton bombed Libya and made slave markets possible!"


  1. Great post.

    Now the truth (just read Friedman): St Hillary transformed Libya from an impoverished, brutal dictatorship and state sponsor of terror that sent many of the 9/11 hijackers into a peaceful and prosperous democracy. The evil dictator kept the people poor by banning the thriving commerce now taking place with good Libyans earning excellent income from the abudia of sub-Saharan abad. The evil dictator provided free medical care, causing such horrible suffering of insurance executives one must elide over the gruesome details.

    Now that St Hillary transformed Libya into a paradise, hundreds of thousands who fled the evil dictatorship are trying desperately to make it back from Europe, where they took refuge from the dictator, so now many are dying in the flimsy rubber boats they're using to try to make the trip back.

    Every Western newspaper agrees, that even if Libya now has a very few, very minor problems, it's still a paradise compared to what it was like in the days when abudia was banned and free healthcare was forced on every Libyan.


  2. Well, hells bells Bill, by your definition of a Ruskie troll/bot, I am one. Yeah, on my little crap blog I post links to articles from RT and Sputnik. It strike this old working class guy as quite funny. To think a former US Marine with an Honorable discharge framed and hanging above my computer desk would become a Russian troll on the interwebs is absolutely hilarious. Now, tell me my friend, how in bloody hell do I stop laughing at this?
    Oh, holy shit on a stick. I know you are aware that the orange haired rodent who occupies the office of POTUS has said he will move the 'Merikkkan embassy to the capitol of the zionist entity, which is now Jerusalem. This will make for one hell of a shit storm. Well, maybe now North Korea can breathe a bit easier for a short time.


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