Friday 24 November 2017

The Blame For Libya

I have finally worked out who is to blame for the criminal mess in Libya.

As you perhaps may remember, back in 2011 the UN Security Council passed a resolution imposing a “no fly zone” in Libya in order, allegedly, to prevent a “genocide” in the “rebel”-controlled city of Benghazi.


This resolution was used as a pretext by America and its vassals France and Britain to start an all out regime change bombing campaign against the Gaddafi government, which culminated in Gaddafi himself being murdered after being sodomised with a knife by a brave glorious freedom fighter, insultingly referred to on fake news sites as a “rebel psychopath”.


This brave, glorious, freedom-loving "rebel", in  what those fake news sites would call one of the few instances of karmic justice the world has ever seen, later died in lingering agony in a French hospital.


Subsequently, Libya disintegrated into a collection of competing “governments” and fiefs controlled by disparate terrorist gangs, including ISIS, none of which were active in Libya before. In October 2012, just a year after Gaddafi was killed, jihadis actually dared to invade the American “consulate” (actually a CIA station) in Benghazi, that same Benghazi that the regime change operation had been launched to “save”, and massacred four people! Ingrates!


Never mind that the British parliament subsequently admitted that there was never any threat of a genocide in Benghazi, and that the war was launched on false pretences. Still, ingrates!

And now, as even the Western media finally admitted, black people are being sold as slaves at auction in the country, for the princely sum of $400 each.


Obviously, this was a colossal failure of (the always well meant and liberal) Western intervention, and someone has to be responsible for this failure. Who can this possibly be?

Who is the Enemy of Freedom, working day and night to undermine liberty, democracy, the rule of law and decency in the world? Who?

Russia! That’s who!

Once you realize that, everything falls into place!

Remember that UN Security Council Resolution I mentioned, the one that allowed the destruction of Libya in the first place? Why did it ever get passed?

Because Russia, that enemy of freedom, refused to veto it, choosing to abstain instead.

Can you imagine how evil an act this was? Listen, and I will explain.

The Russians are evil enough to study history, and must have known that a country like Libya, a conglomeration of tribes artificially yoked together, would fall apart into violence and chaos if the government was destroyed.  This is why it allowed the resolution to pass, knowing that America and the European vassals would use it as a pretext to destroy the government, which they have hated for decades!

[Source: The Sun, obviously]

And why did it want that, apart from the fact that it is evil and does things only because it is evil?

Here’s why:

Russia was perfectly well aware that Hillary Clinton would giggle and laugh on camera when Gaddafi was murdered, and that this would make her look callous! It was further aware that Hillary Clinton’s State Department would, after overthrowing the government, set up a CIA station disguised as a consulate in Benghazi, and use it as a conduit for arms to Syrian terrorists. It furthermore knew that jihadis would sooner or later attack the station, massacring Americans and putting an end to the arms flow, and that this also would damage Hillary Clinton’s attempt to run for president! It was all part of a long term plan to sabotage Hillary Clinton.


And if that wasn’t evil enough, there’s more!

What does the devastation in Libya and the auction of slaves, now admitted in the Western media, portend for the spread of freedom and democracy worldwide? Well?

Why, it means that the proud tradition of Western humanitarian interventions, which produced such glorious successes as Kosovo (where narcotics and human organs are now traded for profit, in the best traditions of the free market), or Afghanistan (which is the world’s capital of opium cultivation and where child sex slaves are kept chained to beds by generals and government ministers) is now contaminated by failure and calumny!

It means that each time the West wants to overthrow another evil regime which practices an independent foreign policy, and controls its own economy, its planned humanitarian intervention war will come up against the huge, insurmountable hurdle of Libya! We have already seen this in Syria, where Assad now reigns supreme, and Western corporations will not make a single shekel or dollar or Euro from reconstruction and privatisation! That is what it means!

And who is responsible for all this? Who achieved all this by simply refusing to veto a UN Security Council resolution?

Russia, that’s who. Like everything else, this is Russia’s fault.


Ahhhh, it’s Russia who is to blame, as always. The freedom-loving, democracy-desiring, liberal West has not the slightest stain on its character.

You can all breathe easy now.



  1. Oh Bill,
    What can I say? Yes, those pesky Ruskies sure are a devious lot.
    Now, if what you say here is true, one thing is certain. The Ruskies plan for the very long term. Hell, it sure would be nice if the asshats who rule 'Merikkka would learn that from those Ruskies. That will never happen as it would mean the rulers here would have to admit the Ruskies did something, anything, better than they do or have ever done.
    I sent you that link about the slave trade in Libya before I started reading this post of yours. I figured you'd mention it, but well, one could say it was my thought that counts. Ha ha ha, as if my thoughts ever mattered.
    Well, I do think those Ruskies knew in advance that 'Merikkka/UK/France would make a total shit house mess of Libya and just let us do so. Too bad they have yet to rub our collective noses in the mess the collective we made there. Well, they sort of have in Syria so far. Poor CIA supported ISIS getting its hind end kicked by those same nasty old Russians.
    I best stop this comment as it is beginning to sound like one of my own blog rants and this ain't my blog. It is your blog, so thanks for this Bill. I am amazed at how you write so calmly about this sort of mess that my country has made in so many parts of this planet. Me, my old Marine language comes out big time when I rant on this sort of mess.
    Well, 'Merikkka is damn good at screwing smaller nations. We got off to a very bloody start during the Spanish-American War in the late 1890's. Just think of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines for that start. Then we gave the world "saint" Woodrow and his messianic complex.
    OK, I am stopping......for now.

  2. Sergei Lavrov: “Russia to prevent Libya scenario in Syria”

  3. Most Americans either believe that America is always the Greatest Force for Good in the World, or that America is always the Greatest Force for Good in the World when their party is in power. So the US transformed Iraq and Libya from brutal, impoverished dictatorships and state sponsors of terror into peaceful and prosperous democracies*. Bush, jr started the task of bringing Democracy to the world, and Obama continued the task, but Trump doesn't seem to be doing nearly enough: he should have nuked the DPRK, Iran, and Russia by now (and also transformed Syria into a Democracy with conventional weapons).

    *Democracy. Legal definition: a nation that has the full approval of the President of the US of A. e.g., Saudi Arabia.



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