Saturday, 11 March 2017


I have been trying hard to come up with a way to mock the Vagina Costume March as it should be mocked, but missed the bus the first time round.

Of course it is a total bit of theatre, a deliberate misdirection pointing in the wrong direction, but it was also a testing of the waters before attempting a typical Soros colour revolution (in this case, a Pink Revolution). Either way, it deserved to be mocked mercilessly, especially this woman.

If there was a Nobel Prize for looking utterly ridiculous, I'd nominate her.

As also did the Blame-Russia circus in the Imperialist States and in the media of their vassals. It's like the clap; it doesn't go away.

Then, of course, came Vault 7, the Wikileaks data dump which exposed the little fact that the CIA is not only bugging your smartphone and laptop, it is literally watching you through your television. Apart from, you know, leaving fake trackers implicating innocent third parties in hacks carried out by said CIA itself.

So they came together and made this:

What, you didn't know Russia is still Communist? You must not be a liberal then.

You’re welcome. 

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  1. 17, count 'em, 17 US intelligence agencies said they had irrefutable proof the Trump campaign worked with Russian intelligence to steal the election.

    Proof? You want proof? What kind of unAmerican traitor are you? Your government is a Democracy, which means it always has to tell the truth. And it's not just us, but 16 other, independent intelligence agencies (who still have heads appointed by loyal, American presidents like Bush, jr and Obama) who can tell you we all have irrefutable proof (that we can't show you because it's classified).

    And everything on Wikileaks are lies from the KGB. Wikileaks is an agency of the Soviet Union. And we have proof of that. RT, the official propaganda arm of the KGB, has all the stuff on Wikileaks a day or more before Wikileaks gets it, so we know it's all Russian.

    The official US MSM timelines don't quite match? That's because those Russians are so sneaky. You know the unemployed KGB agents proved that the Soviet Union was not really the first to put a man into space, and those same KGB agents writing their memos proved that the USSR got all their plans for space flight from NASA, since the unemployed KGB agents writing their memos were the ones who stole the NASA secret rocket fuel. Those agents know the Soviets just faked the dates so it looked like the Soviets got into space before NASA, but no patriot believes those Soviet lies. And it's the unemployed KGB agents who stole all NASAs secrets for the USSR who told us that the Soviets being first into space was all a Soviet lie, and they should know. (And a grateful US paid those KGB agents very handsomely for the Truth.)



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