Sunday 5 March 2017

Current Affairs In Cartoons

The Most Appropriate Oscar Award Ever


We Shall Overcome


Secret Weapon: Children


Name Your Own Syrian Jihadi Group


Jobs After Jihad

(Likely to be the first of a series)


Mission Syria: Foiled Again!

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  1. I tried to figure out today's cartoons. I found a claim by the Daesh that they shot down a US war plane in '16, a claim the US vehemently denies, but nothing about Iran shooting down a US plane, or any significant change in US policy in Syria with the new administration.

    Candidate Trump promised more fossil fuels, especially more coal to bring back jobs. Of course, where tens of millions of Americans worked mining coal in the '60s, by the '80s, a few thousand engineers mined more coal by programming mining machines, so getting rid of those job-killing regulations that say mine owners can't dump waste in the water supply are being eliminated, and taxes slashed, so Mr Peabody will be making bigger profits, but no jobs are coming back. I knew candidate Trump proposed this idiocy, but he said he would not start any stupid wars, he'd work with Syria and Russia to fight terrorism, and I figured clean or polluted water wouldn't matter when Secretary Clinton started WWIII.

    Silly me. The coal won't matter, because Trump says he plans regime change in Syria, Iran, Russia, and China.

    Secretary Clinton promised regime change in Syria on Day 1, so the Democrats still say Trump is in Putin's pocket, since it's Day 40 and the war hasn't started yet. Trump says, if President Clinton had started war on day 1, it would have been a disaster. First, Trump says he'll greatly expand the US military, and then force a clean, quick regime change on Syria, Russia, Iran, and China, so we have to wait. The way Bush, jr saved Iraq was wrong. Because he rushed, 4,000 lives and trillions of dollars were lost. Trump won't rush, but he promises to get us to WWIII just the same.



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