Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Mea Culpa

You call us racists for hating him
And it's true
We're guilty
We admit it.

How racist it is of us
To hate him only because
He unleashes jihadi cannibals on us
And drones our children. 

1 comment:

  1. Some people cannot see that Aleppo and Mosul are completely different. There are four organisations: Isis in Iraq, al-Qaeda in Iraq, Isis in Syria, and al-Qaeda in Syria.

    Every single member of Isis in Iraq and al-Qaeda in Iraq is a hardened terrorist. The US is doing all it can to liberate Mosul from Isis in Iraq and al-Qaeda in Iraq, and the US uses 'smart weapons' that only kill hardened, bloodthirsty terrorists, never any innocent civilians. So those babies less than a year old killed in Mosul were all hardened terrorists, not one was an innocent civilian.

    In Aleppo, you have al-Qaeda in Syria, and Isis in Syria, both peaceful, innocent, unarmed, pro-democracy activists who are being brutally murdered by the evil Syrian, Russian, and Iranian regimes. Of course, sometimes a terrorist murdering innocents in Iraq goes to Syria, where he immediately becomes a peaceful, pro-democracy activist, and sometimes peaceful, pro-democracy activists in Syria go to Iraq, where they immediately become hardened terrorists. It is an obvious fact that Isis and al-Qaeda in Iraq are terrorists, while Isis and al-Qaeda in Syria are all innocent, pro-democracy activists.

    Very reliable documentaries were coming from the Syrian city of Cairo where the film-makers were filming the brutal murders of children in Aleppo, until the evil dictator had them shut down for filming children covered in red paint.

    Obama's worst mistake was allowing the evil dictators of Syria, Russia, and Iran to kill 600,000 unarmed, peaceful pro-democracy activists with poison gas and barrel bombs. But at least he's trying to liberate Mosul, and is finally giving those peaceful, pro-democracy activists the MANPAD anti-aircraft weapons they need to impose a no fly zone over Syria that will apply to Putin, Assad, the Ayatollahs, and Trump.



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