Monday, 16 January 2017

Cry-sis on the Frontier

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  1. Just read the MSM. The Crimea has always been a part of the Ukraine, and besides, Yeltsin said Russia would never take back any of the Republics that declared independence from the USSR, or even any part of those Republics.

    In Iraq (specifically, Mosul), the Daesh and al-Qaeda are heinous terrorists, every last one of them. When the US smart bombs kill women and babies, all those women and babies are hardened terrorists, and the US has absolutely no civilian collateral damage.

    In Syria, there are two groups named al-Qaeda and the Daesh. Not at all the same as the groups of the same name in Iraq. In Syria, they are all innocent, unarmed, peaceful, pro-democracy activists, and every single person killed by the evil Syrian, Russian, and Iranian regimes -- more than 600,000 innocent victims -- was a war crime of the most heinous sort.

    And anyone who can read (the US/UK/EU MSM) knows this is TRVE.



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