Tuesday 22 November 2016

The Hypocrytic Oath

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  1. I keep reading articles by all the MSM reporters that the White Helmets are the Syrian Civil Defence, trying against all odds to rescue the innocent, peaceful, unarmed, pro-US/UK/EU protesters from heinous attacks by not one, not two, but three evil dictators, for which they have won many Peace Prizes, but have not yet received the Nobel that they richly deserve.

    The BBC had a report from East Aleppo showing the unarmed, defenceless pro-US/UK/EU protesters being murdered by the three dictators.

    Kim Sengupta says no Western reporters are allowed in East Aleppo, but the BBC was there.


    Old BBC videos used to run on a Greek channel (subtitled in Greek), from back when the BBC was one of the more honest news services.

    Fortunately, the Constabulary replaced the neutral BBC editorial policy with the staunchly pro-UK/US policy they now follow, where such evil things as TRVTH are no longer allowed to impinge on the policies of the two Greatest Forces for Good in the World.



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