Saturday, 26 November 2016

Current Affairs In Cartoons

The Taste of Victory

Das Putinboot

Abu Who Would be King

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  1. Some have asked if there is any similarity between East Aleppo and Mosul? Of course not!

    Mosul is a nest of evil terrorists. There might be some innocent civilians, but the super smart US materiel only kills evil, enemy terrorists, and has never killed a single innocent civilian. That two year old killed by a US bomb has been proven to be a terrorist. That innocent two year old blown to bits was killed by a terrorist bomb, NOT by a US bomb. This is obvious to everyone who isn't a terrorist or a fellow traveller.

    Meanwhile, in East Aleppo, 250,000 innocent, unarmed, pro-democracy protesters are being brutally starved and murdered by not one, not two, but three evil dictators, and the world must hang its head in shame for not helping them. And again, this is obvious to everyone who loves freedom and democracy.

    A reporter can only get the TRVTH from the US/UK/EU government information offices (no need to go to Iraq or Syria, a complete waste of money).

    Two reporters who foolishly went to Syria both said that no food is getting to the Syrians NOT because of the Russians and the Syrian government, but because of the US/UK/EU embargo and sanctions. They wonder who really bombed the illegal convoy of food for Syrians. Obviously, the US, in spite of strictly enforcing sanctions against any food to the evil regime and its supporters, really wanted to feed (and arm) the innocent pro-democracy forces in Syria, and would NEVER have bombed that aid convoy.



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