Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Woяd of the Day



Definition: Liberal media-designated hate object on whom anything and everything can, and indeed must, be blamed.

Etymology: From Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, democratically elected immensely popular president evil dictator of Russia.

Synonyms: Putler, Stalin, Hitler, Trump.

Example: “How dare you praise Putin? Are you a Trump supporter? Are you? Are you?!?”

Note: Normally, I insert a statement to the effect that anyone whose feelings are hurt by my cartoons or writing deserves it. Today, I am not making that statement, because any Killary Klingon supporter who reads this is too hypocritical and despicable to have any feelings anyway.


  1. While it is officially the Trump and Clinton show distaste for those two is so strong that third party candidates are getting substantial (in the 10%-20% range at the moment) support. Gary Johnson in particular may have enough support to get in the presidential debates. Thought you might be interested in his foreign policy statement: https://www.johnsonweld.com/foreign_policy_and_national_defense

  2. Vladimir isn't Putin up with this. Haha

  3. My understanding of Garry Johnson is that of a man with a history of corruption. I wouldn't be pinning any ribbons on him either.

  4. Outstanding (as usual). Trump has contradicted himself so much it's hard to know where he stands, but I believe him when he says he does NOT want war with Russia or China. I fear, if he tries war against the Daesh or Iran (both of which he's promised) it will be a disaster. Not as big a disaster as President Redbeard (English for Barbarossa) who has promised to liberate Russia from their evil dictator without losing a single American soldier's life, removing him by threats and/or missiles and drones, with no US servicemen anywhere they'd be in any danger.

    Given the choice between Secretary Redbeard and Trump, a mug of beer would be a better choice. Or even someone who can't remember what the acronym A.L.E.P.P.O. stands for.


  5. Despite myself, this cartoon made me laugh. It is very funny. Precious bodily fluid poison. Perfect.


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