Saturday, 10 September 2016

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  1. Another great comic.

    Sadly, US liberals are sure Obama is doing exactly the right thing, and one (screen name Baslim) says the FBI was wrong: he was a security expert and he checked what Secretary Clinton did with her e-mails, and she did everything absolutely perfectly.

    Those who are not Clintonbots (a majority, but divided into 10% who will not vote for Trump, plus 43% who will vote for Trump, vs 47% who will vote for Secretary Clinton, and will give her at least 300 Electors in the Electoral College) do not believe the Clinton lies, but she'll still win more than 300 of the 538 Electors.

    And Clinton, like Obama, strongly supports Salafi Muslims who always do the right thing and execute heinous infidels, blasphemers, and adulteresses, and also destroy all the pagan atrocities the Romans erected to tempt the faithful to idolatry.

    So President Clinton will strongly support the Saudis in their valiant and beneficent efforts to rid the Yemen and Syria of all those who are not proper Salafis!

  2. So many old cliches come to my old brain with these two drawings of yours.
    The US of A (ig) Nobel piece prizident seems to never have learned about those who live in bass houses should NOT throw stones.
    mother; "Do as I say, NOT as I do" applies very well.
    Or, an older one yet, Pot, meet kettle; as in the pot calling the kettle black.
    Any way you slice it, North Korea has as much right, assuming such right exists, as the US of A or any other country (the vile, sick, disgusting zionist entity) to have nuclear weapons.
    I'd rather that nuclear weapons did not exist or at least that they could not work. I read an odd book once upon a time. I believe it was titled "The Jesus Factor" or something like that. Of all places to have run across it, I was serving in the imperial war in Vietnam when I found the book. The main premise was that yes, a nuclear bomb will explode, but NOT if dropped by an aircraft nor fired from a missile. It had to be detonated as the first one had been in New Mexico. Therefore, it was a totally useless offensive weapon. If only that were true………
    Well, even this old, broken down man can still dream.


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