Wednesday, 13 July 2016

What's Going On

I have been preparing my next book (The Day Of The Dragon) for publication. I actually wrote this as a four part series of stories before Fidayeen, and naïvely thought all I had to do was format it into chapters to turn it into a novel. A rereading soon showed that:

1. My writing style has changed almost unrecognisably over the years, and what I wrote then makes me cringe now. 

2. Four middle-length stories (each about 15000 words on average) aren't nearly long enough to make a proper book, and there are several plot gaps that need to be filled in.

3. While my publisher has accepted this book sight unseen, without even asking for a plot synopsis (thereby earning my gratitude), I do feel duty bound to give him a book that's of a standard to make me happy.

Together this means I'm being forced to rewrite this from the ground up though - unlike when I rewrote Fidayeen, totally changing the fate of one very important character - I'm not going to change the basic plot in any way.

All in all this means that my primary writing for the next month or so will focus on this project. I'll do a cartoon or a story once in a while in between. Like this one, which is the only comment I shall make on recent events in you know where:

The Vital Difference


  1. I look forward to reading it!

  2. The cartoon is all too true. Some of us in the US recognize this, but not nearly enough. If we are to say that "Black lives matter", as they do, we must also say that brown lives matter, in what we call the Middle East or elsewhere.

  3. I had better read your stuff, but with my short attention span your cartoons give me pleasure and something to think about, although we are in agreement, mostly. I always like your perspective, but I am glad in most ways that my skin is white. On the other hand I have skin cancer.


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