Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Genuine Moderate Democratic Rebel

Finished Part One of the book (there are four parts) so here's your weekly keeping-the-blog-alive post. Will start writing Part Two tomorrow.


  1. The Washington Post had a remarkable article explaining where the Daesh (ISIS in English) came from:

    10,000 jihadists were asked to swear on the Noble Koran that they would go to Syria, overthrow the evil Syrian dictator, and NEVER set foot outside Syria ever again. Those who swore were given money and weapons. Unfortunately, their cheap GPS said that Mosel was in Syria, so Obama had those in Mosel bombed, and they responded by killing 3 Americans on YouTube. So Obama ordered a few bombed in Syria. Of course, the USAF supported the advance of these 'unarmed, peaceful, innocent protesters' into Palmyra, and they managed to hold Palmyra until the evil Russians started supporting the Syrian Army. They made great progress clearing all the pagan atrocities in Palmyra that the evil Syrian dictator left to tempt people to idolatry and jahannam.

    Obama was ready to do the right thing and remove the evil Syrian dictator who murdered those 300,000 innocent, unarmed protesters, like the ones who did such good work in Palmyra, executing the felons convicted in fair trials for, e.g., not destroying the pagan atrocities. But Obama wanted Cameron to go with him, and the UK parliament wickedly said, 'No.'

    Fortunately, President Clinton will take office in January, and has promised to rectify Obama's horrible mistake and remove the evil Syrian dictator and put in a decent, Wahhabi sovereign who will exclusively ensure that the will of Allah is done, and Syria will finally be cleansed of all infidels and apostates and pagan atrocities. She has already received the deposit from Saudi Arabia, and will get the generous balance once the Wahhabi is in charge, so she'll be doing well by doing good.

  2. Oh, c'mon. They said it was "an individual mistake that does not represent the overall policies of the group," what else do you want?

    Seriously. Beheading a child was "an individual mistake."

    And even then, it wasn't as big of a mistake as our accidentally murdering 85 civilians in a bombing.

  3. Not to mention the holy Elie Wiesel. Those Peace prize winners sure do get around.

  4. I hadn't seen the actual story yesterday. It was in today's newspaper here.

    We know, if the US supports them, that 12 year old must have been an evil terrorist, because the US is the Greatest Force for Good in the World, and the groups it supports are all innocent, unarmed, peaceful protesters.

    I posted a story by Gar Alperovitz, and was told that Gar is a proven liar. It was irrefutable proven that the US president can never lie by George Washington and the cherry tree. It has also been irrefutably proven that the US has always done the right thing, that nuking Japan saved millions of Japanese lies, because Truman said so, the US president can never lie, so Gar is a proven liar.

    I asked, 'What proof do you have that Gar is a liar?'

    The response, 'You are completely out of line to question Balsim, who is the best historian in the group (if not the world).'

    So I know I was wrong to question the US when it's been irrefutably proven that the US has always done what is best for the world. Just ask about 50% of Americans. Of course, some agree the US has done bad things when the wrong party was in power, but the group are almost all Democrats, and they all know Truman did the right thing nuking Japan. Even the Republicans in the group who hate what Truman did AFTER he won the war know that Truman led the US to victory and made the entire world safe.


  5. Back when I could comment on gocomics, I only saw FNT using the epithet 'Killary'. Now I see it a LOT in the comments to other news articles in, e.g., the Independent.

    Not, of course, in comments on the New York Times, which has repeatedly editorialised that Billary is the best candidate for president EVER, and after Billary, all preceding presidents will have to be relegated to the history books that cover minor historical figures, with comments that the articles did not give St Billary the adulation they have earned.

    The Washington Post has an article that 'proves' that 300,000 unarmed, innocent, peaceful protesters have all been killed by the evil Syrians and Russians, who falsely charged the democratic Nour al Din when they were the ones responsible, according to Samer Attar, the US physician in Syria who wrote the article. And I'm sure we all believe Dr Samer.


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