Tuesday, 21 June 2016

By Divine Right!

Let's see how many liberal hypocrites, zionazi Hasbarats, and antitheist racists accuse me of being a "racist" and/or "anti-Semite" for this.

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  1. Both Arabs and Jews believe in 'an eye for an eye.' The Nazis took 12 million Jewish eyes. That gives the Zionists the right to take 12 million Arab eyes. And I don't think they've even reached 2 million yet (but they must be getting close).

    The US of A, a nation of WASPs who arrived to find Red Savages squatting on the Land G_d gave to WASPs, ordered the savages to go to reservations, where they belonged, and said it was illegal to hunt. And no one would hire them. So some of the lazy savages starved. And some acted illegally and tried to kill the lawful owners of the US of A and had to be executed for insurrection against the lawful government.

    Eventually, 25 million Red Savages were reduced to less than 100,000, and the US of A actually started feeding them (why, I have no idea) and stopped shooting them with Gatling guns (followed by assault rifles), again, for no reason I can understand.

    Silly me. The Red Savages, disarmed, dispossessed, and in very small numbers are a Great Tourist Trap, and the entrepreneurial WASP can make a fortune from the reservations.

    So when the Palestinians have been reduced to a few hundred or so, they can be put on a reservation as a Tourist Trap, and some enterprising Zionist should be able to figure out how to make money off them.

    After which, there will be strong motivation not to exterminate that last, tiny remnant.



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