Sunday, 19 June 2016

After the War is Over

Here I lie on the ravaged stones
The cold of night in my derelict bones
The sky full of stars that care nothing
For the aftermath of defeat and victory.
Does it matter who won or lost?
It's I who always paid the cost.

Civilian or soldier, friend or foe
Winner or loser, today, long ago,
I still have no face, no name;
The flags will fly, the sun will burn
Women weep, and the planet turn –

And soon enough, someone else will lie
After another war, under the eyeless sky
Remember me, or choose to forget
It’s all the same – I’ll be dying yet.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2016 


  1. Among the best you have written. Among the best anyone has written. Anyone, ever. When you get to heaven (yes I know neither of us believe in it), Wilfred Owen will want to shake your hand.

  2. I was so tired when I read this the first time. It really is so good and bites hard.


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