Thursday, 7 January 2016

The Right To Self Defence

I drew this specifically as a f*ck you to the obsequious "liberal editorial cartoonists" on such Obamaganda sites as GoComics. I do hope I manage to infuriate other Obama worshippers as well.

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  1. Outstanding.

    The newspapers of the West all tell the same story, and most believe. Hersh is a racist nutcase. He lies about Libya and Syria and Osama, telling racist lies about the President who eliminated Osama just before he led a plot that would have been far worse than 9/11, he liberated Libya from a savage dictator and was prevented from saving Syria from its evil regime.

    We know that most Muslims are peaceful, led by the King of Saudi Arabia, a country that always follows the pacifistic, vegetarian version of Islam that never hurts anyone or anything. al-Wahhab, the greatest scholar of Islam studied the Noble Koran and the Sunnah and proved that the King of Saudi Arabia rules by Divine Right and is the spiritual and temporal leader of all Islam. Muslim monarchs mostly follow al-Wahhab, since he said all Salafi monarchs rule by Divine Right.

    But there is an evil sect that calls itself Islamic even though it teaches violent jihad. Members of this sect sent the 9/11 hijackers to the US, the 7/7 jihadists to Britain, the jihadists that attacked the City Formerly Known as Bombay, and the jihadists that attacked Paris last year. The members of this evil sect are: the Taliban, the Ayatollahs of Iran, Saddam's regime, Qadhaffi's regime, the Syrian regime, and the North Korean regime, who sent all the jihadists and honour them as heroes.

    Some read nonsense on the Internet that says North Korea isn't an Islamic nation, but the heads of the Western countries like Bush, jr, Obama, Cameron, Hollande, and Merkel have access to intelligence the rest of us lack, and we can read their analysis in any decent Western newspaper.

    Which is why I wish Fiendly could get his cartoons published by a Western publisher. Ramanujan was one of the great mathematicians of the world at the turn of the 20th century, but more mathematicians of his time read Kipling than Ramanujan's maths papers.

    You and Rall both believe Hersh, and you write better than Rall. I don't think there is any way to convince the typical Westerner that their newspapers and leaders all lie, but I wish you'd try to get your stuff where more people would see it.



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