Monday, 4 January 2016

Earthquaking and other news

At 430 am I woke to an extremely strong earthquake hard enough to send things cascading off shelves and tables and set my three kids to barking their heads off. It carried on for almost a minute. I spent the morning picking up things and putting them paintings...flag collection etc...all were on the floor. Later on I discovered that the quake had measured 6.7 on the Richter scale and caused a fair amount of damage, though not in this town.

I am, actually, not unused to earthquakes. This part of the country is in Seismic Zone 5 – the most active zone – and quakes have been a part of my life since I was a child. However, I’ve never before woken to things crashing off the shelves and the walls creaking and shifting above my head. 

Someday, it'll hit harder, and that wall will come down, and you'll have to scrape me off the floor with a trowel.

After the quake I fell asleep again. I dreamt I was
 hiding in a tiny outdoor loo (an "outhouse") with rusted through walls at head height (this kind of loo was very common when I was a kid) while a murderous rogue domestic elephant tried to find me to kill me. Elephant knew I was somewhere close by - it could hear was sniffing the walls of the loo and trying to look through the rust holes when I woke up, my heart hammering. Not funny.

Meanwhile - at 430 am our time - the blood soaked war criminal Barack Hussein Obama's Saudi Barbarian friends launched a new set of air strikes on Sanaa in Yemen. Here is a photo, courtesy of my friend Dana BK who has friends in Sanaa. Apparently to the BSWCBHO, Saudi Barbaria demolishing Yemen is fine. It's not an invasion, and the headchoppers going on a beheading spree is all hunky-dory.

Let me repeat here that there is, in my book, no way one can support the BSWCBHO. Finding excuses for him is like supporting Mussolini because he "made the trains run on time" or Hitler because he "restored the glory of the German nation". Anyone who supports the BSWCBHO has resigned from the human race as far as I'm concerned.

And when I came home after work, I had an electrical fire which burned out a junction box and a plugpoint and filled my room with melted plastic smell and insulation smoke.

So how was your day?


  1. You might as well consign all Americans to the same bin as BSWCBHO because whether we support him or not, we are all gas-guzzling, resource-using, brown-people-ignoring undeservedly-privileged bipeds. And it ain't gonna change any time soon.

  2. In other news, I am glad the earth didn't open up and swallow you.


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