Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Terror Times Two

Click to enlarge, obviously


  1. News flash: The world is complicated. Time for another flood, maybe.

  2. The Daesh took credit for the Russian plane. Russian forensic analysis showed that it was a bomb on board. Still hard to figure out how the bomb got on board. But Putin is repeating what the Czar did.

    The Czar said Russia would protect Orthodox Christians living in the Ottoman Empire. Of course, in response to the Czar's evil proclamation, Britain, France, and the Ottomans had no choice but to declare war on Russia. Most of the fighting was in the Crimea, and the Russians were easily defeated (at the cost of almost all of a British Light Brigade ordered to attack a fortified artillery position). But Putin is repeating the Czar's mistake, and the combined forces of the French, British, Americans, Daesh, and Turks need, once again, to teach Russia a lesson they'll not soon forget.


  3. Maybe the Russians planted the bomb on their plane as an excuse to bomb Isis.
    Maybe the French allowed the paris terrorism to justify their bombing of Syria.

  4. I saw this posted on gocomics, but the image was too small to read, and there was no enlargement.

    Please post your larger images.



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