Tuesday, 17 November 2015

A Brown Note

This is just a short observation: I won’t take up much of your time.

Over the past day or two, I’ve spent an illuminating few sessions browsing comment fora online here and there, and it's amazing the amount of hate boiling out against not just "terrorists", or Muslims, but against all Arabs, and further, against all people with brown skin.

Of course, the average totally non-racist Islamophobes exercising their freedom of speech couldn't tell apart a Muslim from a Sikh or a Hindu, or for that matter an Arab from an Afghan or an Iranian from an Indian, but that doesn't, unsurprisingly, reduce in the slightest the amount of vitriol thrown at all us brown-skinned people. It's also more than perfectly obvious that the Paris attacks were just an excuse to let all this hate out; one particular commenter claimed that he'd spent a year in Morocco and knew that all Arabs are "liars, thieves and cheats" who would "rat out their mothers".

As I recall, most of these same people were condemning France when the then ancien, by today's standards, regime refused, most uncharacteristically, to help invade Iraq in 2003. But when it comes to fellow white Western “Christians” (not that France has much in the way of Christianity) being hit, then all the hate comes pouring out. I say Western because Russians or Serbs, for example, seem to be fair game.

I just realised yet again that being brown skinned is itself a crime these days, and that being racist against brown skinned people is perfectly socially acceptable, as was being racist against blacks and Jews a century ago. And, of course, knowledge is not something that is welcome. Knowledge is itself a shield against bigotry and racism, and one can’t have that. A two minute CNN or Fox news item is all that is necessary to tell these excellent ladies and gentlemen all they need to know about the world.

I should probably be thankful that my own online circles include people who are highly intelligent, egalitarian and knowledgeable, so that I can remind myself that not everybody is like that.

I do wonder, though, how say a young French Arab in the slums of Paris, already having been a lifelong sufferer from discrimination, say, might react when he reads something like that. And when he’s then told that he can strike back by joining a radical Islamic movement, I wouldn’t blame him if he did.

What’s even worse is the Hindunazis who, desperate for acceptance, will take the side of these racists, making the so-called “point” that it’s the evil Muslims who are responsible, and that they, themselves, are simon-pure innocents who are said racists’ natural allies. These Vichy Quislings merely solidify the racism of those excellent people, who now can see for themselves that at least some of the brown-skinned savages are eager to sell out their own kind.

I probably should stay away from the net for a day or two. This kind of thing makes me sad and leaves me with next to no hope for the future of the world.

Meanwhile, I’d like to say that I am disgusted by the tokenism and historical illiteracy of the sudden rash of French flags proliferating online.

Stay well, all of you.


  1. I've been keeping up with your facebook posts, and although i suspect there's a point beyond which we might not agree, the discussions I've been watching are great.

    I believe there are people in the States who are genuinely scared, whether or not they also believe that these events are anyting that the West has set the stage for.

    Granted, most of these same people don't notice that in crime, immigration, world events, gov't budgets, it's always non-whites they're warning everyone about.

    I asked my grandfather, "Have you ever rooted for an underdog? ANY underdog? Other than in sports?"

    He said, "Yeah, sure. I voted for Bob Dole in 1996."

  2. Bill, we're not broadly plugged in much and not at all to social media and I suppose considering your description of some of the goings-on, we should be glad for it. As far as the French flag is concerned, one doesn't have to go back too far in history - Vietnam, Algeria, as leading member of the 'coalition of the killing' - to leave one with an itch to burn it.

  3. Those who tell the truth, especially when it flies in the face of dearly held delusions, are bound to be shunned and persecuted. They are also heroes.

  4. Hi Bill

    This ignorant and narcissistic hate is endemic to the uneducated White lower class in the States. Probably there is a deep and abiding fear underlies most, a social-cultural phenomenon rooted in a history of class exploiting race, whether the racism of 'manifest destiny' in relation to considering Native Americans sub-human to justify theft and murder or the 'White trash' whose racism had been historically fed and exploited by the 'southern aristocracy' for political and pecuniary purpose. Social phenomena being what it is, it follows there is the inter-generational aspect where the ignorance is sustained within family and community. This ignorance is, in turn, exploited by the politics of fear mongering in the present. Whether it is the fairly straightforward lies of the Rupert Murdochs (FOX News) in our world or the more insidious Hasbara of Israel posing as White, racist, anti-Semites in the article comments at Unz Review to smear authors like Phillip Giraldi with a guilt by association. Now, Arabs (and Brown anybodies) are the new Native American to be feared as 'savages' in the 21st century edition of empire (manifest destiny) and, of course, there is underhanded play aplenty to radicalize just enough of the new 'savages' to insure a few will behave shockingly enough for media sensation. Meanwhile 'empire media' will present 'White Europe' as the model of civilization under attack by barbarians (never mind we prop up the likes of Saudi Barbaria)

  5. On 9/11/'01 (US-style date), 19 Arab Muslims hijacked four planes and crashed two into the World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon, and crashed one when the passengers tried to revolt.

    This gives the US the right and the duty to kill any Arab, whether Muslim or not, and any Muslim, whether Arab or not, and any Sikh for wearing a turban.

    That's just the way it is.



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