Thursday, 9 April 2015

What Perusing the Internet Has Taught Me Today

This is what I've learned from going through the 'net today:

An innocent person of colour being shot by a policeman in broad daylight?

That's a "racist hate crime". And the cop responsible should be punished with the full force of the law.

An innocent person of colour being incinerated in broad daylight by a drone piloted by PlayStation warriors sitting in an air-conditioned bunker on the other side of the planet?

That's "eliminating a dangerous terrorist", yo.

Like this 13-year-old kid.

And the people responsible should be rewarded with more votes come the next election.

That's your lesson for the day, boys and girls. Learn it well.


  1. The difference is the camera, of course. There are plenty of black kids getting gunned down here that elicit NO reaction.

    It's why ISIS is so effective. if they blew up a bus with 50 people in it, it wouldn't have 1/100th of the impact of 2 deaths on up close and personal on camera.

    It also has to do with the part of the world, though. I had a journalism professor in college who charted how many murders journalistically = 1 death in New York City, based on how far from NYC the murders occurred. Basically, India would have to lose thousands of people to get the attention of an NYC killing.

  2. Oh nuts, I forgot to add that 'Merikkka is THE exceptional country also at times referred to as "indispensable", but having been a US Marine, I don't accept either of those descriptions.


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