Monday 23 February 2015

The Absolute Necessity of a New Crusade against the Evil ISIS Plan

Brothers and sisters, I have terrible and shocking news.

Everyone knows that the Muslim terrorist organisation called the Islamic State is a terrible threat to the civilised world. It chops off people’s heads, burns them alive, crucifies people, and makes videos celebrating all that. And it is, as everyone knows, dedicated to the extermination of civilised Christianity from the planet.

All this is so well known that it’s amazing that anyone would even deny it, but there are a huge number of liberals on the internet and in governments who turn a blind eye to it. And some of them are undoubtedly secret Muslims who support ISIS’ anti-civilisation agenda. They, like ISIS itself, would be happy to see the world plunged back into the Dark Ages and Sharia Law.

All this time, those of us who could see the truth could at least take comfort in the knowledge that God Almighty will not be mocked, and that He will take action at the appropriate time to plunge these evildoers into the lake of fire they so richly deserve, where they will burn for all eternity. It was something we hugged to ourselves as the bitter winds of evil blew through the world from the centre of savagery in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, this can no longer be taken for granted.

ISIS, we must realise, has not been sitting idle either. It, too, knows that in order for its false god Allah to rule the world, it must destroy all faith in God Almighty. Despite the best efforts of liberals, atheists, and Muslims both overt and secret, as long as people like us held firm in our belief, they could never win. After all, we are stronger in the truth we hold in our hearts than all the false believers who believe liberal lies and are willing to overlook the fact that all the ISIS Muslim terrorist savages want to do is destroy us. Is that not correct?

And, little by little, they realised this too.

And, brothers and sisters, that is when they launched their own diabolical plan to defeat our faith in the one and only way they assassinating God Almighty Himself!

I am not going to lie to you when I say that I did not at first believe this myself when I first heard of it; but the more I found out, the more I realised, with horror, that it was not only possible, but that the plan has not only already been hatched but is in progress even as you read this!

The information I will impart to you has been passed on to me in strict confidence by a brother in the Lord who is an analyst with a prominent anti-terrorist organisation – I am not at liberty to state the name, in order to protect him – but which is filled to the brim with liberals and Muslim-sympathisers. My contact personally, in the course of a wiretap, intercepted some communication between ISIS terrorist savages which he passed on to me because the liberals in the organisation refused to believe him.

In brief, what he said was this: that a major ISIS terrorist commander, Abu Qatil al Khoonkharabi, and one of his lieutenants, Abu Sharaab al Murdabadi, have hatched the plan between themselves. They realised, as I said, that God Almighty has to be assassinated. Plainly, this is impossible for a living person to accomplish. Only one who has passed into the grace of His Heavenly presence can attempt such a thing.

But, of course, being Muslims, and followers of a false god, they have no hope of ever standing before the Lord. It is not possible for them. Only a Christian can hope for that grace. But they realised this too.

So they came up with this diabolical solution: they have had one of their number convert to Christianity. He – whoever he is – has been ordered to live an exceptionally pure and moral Christian life, obeying every Biblical injunction, and follow the Lord in everything, in word and deed.

Can you imagine the truly Satanic cunning of this plan? The terrorist, whoever he is, is even at this very moment living such a blameless and pure Christian life that he will inevitably, when the time comes, pass into Heaven like all True Believers; yes, even as you and I will. And once he ascends to Heaven, according to the plans made by the terrorists Khoonkharabi and Murdabadi, he will take a knife he will have secreted on his person and cut off God Almighty’s head!

And once the Lord God has been so foully murdered, the false god Allah will rule the world, with his imps of the ISIS and his atheist demons in attendance.

There is, obviously, absolutely nothing we can do to stop this man once he has actually entered through the Pearly Gates. Somehow or other, he is to be stopped before he can ascend to Heaven.

The question is, how? We don’t know his identity, for the intercepted communication did not give us that. We don’t even know his race – the liberals and atheists who have allowed the cancer of Islam to spawn around the world, have also allowed ISIS to grow in its wake. For all we know, he could even be in one of our own cities. He could be sitting in the same room with you as you read this.

There is absolutely no way of telling.

But there is only one thing about him; he will be a very devout, very believing Christian in the true mould, with absolutely no liberal contamination, no doubts whatsoever. He will be no false Catholic or other liberalism-contaminated pretender. He will not tolerate such anti-God nonsense as evolution or a world older than 6000 years. He will not abide the loathsome evils of abortion, homosexuality, or heresy. He will not, even for an instant, permit the name of the Lord to be taken in vain.

In other words, he will be just like us.

And the longer he follows the One True Path, the more certain he is to be received into the benediction of Heaven.

There is only one way to stop him; he must be killed before, by his own devout Christianity, he succeeds in becoming so pure as to become worthy of the pastures of the Lord. He must be destroyed at once.

And since we do not know who he is, or where he is, there is only one way of assuring that this is achieved –

Brothers and sisters, I call on you for a new and most Holy Crusade. In this you must show no pity. You must gird on your weapons, and go out and destroy every devout True Believer you can find. Massacre them without mercy, for they will all go to Heaven anyway, except for the foul ISIS terrorist whom we must destroy while he is still meriting of the horrors of hell. And when you are done killing all you can find, turn your weapons on each other. Because, never forget this – one of you may be the one who is the terrorist. Yes, he may even be hiding among us!

I do not expect you to be understood by the common herd, but that does not matter. They have been brainwashed by liberals, atheists, and Muslim savages. Nothing but perdition awaits them.

But we are not atheists, liberals, or Muslims, and we know what to do.

And we must do all this quickly, for every moment counts. 

God Almighty’s life is at stake!

Copyright B Purkayastha 2015

They did their duty. Will you?


  1. ISIS terrorists massacre civilians, burn Tal Hermez antique church in Hasaka

    The sources pointed out that the air forces of Washington and its allies were flying over the area without targeting ISIS terrorists during their attacks on locals.

  2. How absolutely diabolical! Er, If I cuss, I'm safe right?

    On a not-entirely-unrelated note, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has been cleared to Perform Marriages in New Zealand, bless his holy noodleness.


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