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The Rising Tide of Hindunazism

I believe the time has come to take a stand.

A few days ago I’d reviewed a film called PK, which I’d pretty unambiguously trashed, and I totally stand by that trashing. But, these days, I’m finding myself forced to defend the film – against the Hindunazis.

I haven’t spoken on this site about the Hindunazis for several months, not since Modi won the elections, because I wanted to wait and see which way they’d go. And for a few months they seemed to stay relatively quiescent. I didn’t know that they were merely waiting out the hot summer months before launching their multi-pronged campaign.

Well, it’s winter now, and they seem to have cried Havoc! And let slip the dogs of sectarian war.

The demand to ban PK is pretty farcical. The film has already recovered its investment many times over, and even if it were to be banned now, it would be tantamount to looking to shut the stable door after the horse long ago departed for greener pastures. So idiotic is the ban demand that I might almost imagine the Hindunazis had been paid by the producers to create a ruckus about the film. But they’ve already made so much money out of this terrible film that they don’t need any more.

In any case, it isn’t about money. The fact is that the Hindunazis are going ape at the idea of an actor with a Muslim name (Aamir Khan) dissing religion. The fact that the film trashes all religions isn’t relevant to the Hindunazis – how dare a Muslim (or at least someone who’s officially a Muslim) say a word against “Hinduism”, even though he actually reserves his ire for a corrupt godman of the type that infests India and doesn’t really represent any religion in particular at all?

All throughout India now, the Hindunazi tide is rising steadily. In North India, the Hindunazis are conducting what they call “Ghar wapsi” programmes – literally, “homecoming” – in which Muslims are “reconverted” en masse to Hinduism. How much of this is voluntary on the part of the Muslims being “reconverted” is impossible to say. Obviously, if they converted voluntarily, they’d say so. If they converted out of fear, they’d still say they converted voluntarily. But they’re just being used as a tool.

What do I mean by that? This – even if the Hindunazis were to make an attempt to convert Muslims across India all to Hinduism, they’d still never manage it, because there are over 150 million Indian Muslims. Not even Hindunazis imagine they can convert them all.

What they actually want to do is something quite different. The number of Hindus converting to other religions – Islam, Christianity or Buddhism – is much, much higher than the number making the reverse journey, and has always been. It’s not difficult to understand, given the brutal Hindu caste system, and the discrimination the lower castes still face on a daily basis. A longstanding demand of the Hindunazis has been to ban all conversions, and in Hindunazi-ruled states it’s become difficult if not impossible to change your religion even if you want to. But there was never an all India law, and one could move over to another state, convert, and come right back again, and the Hindunazis could do nothing about it.

Now, with their “reconversion” programme, the Hindunazis have thrown a challenge down to the nation. They say openly that if the politicians don’t like what they’re doing, they should make a law banning conversions. Of course, the people who would be hit by any such law would be the Muslims, Christians and Buddhists to whom the Hindus were converting in their thousands. The tiny number of reverse conversions – a few hundred at most – would be not even a drop in that bucket.

Not that the Hindunazis are even about to make that much of a concession. According to them, the “homecoming” programmes aren’t “conversions” because they have merely brought back people who were “stolen” away. So they have in any case no intention of stopping this quite deliberately provocative activity either.

Or other provocative activity, come to that. Before a recent state election, one Hindunazi politician asked people to choose between “Ramzaadon” (children of Rama, a mythological Hindu demigod/warrior king) and “haramzaadon” (bastards). This created a ruckus in Parliament, but nothing came of it since the politician in question simply apologised. The fact that she had gone against the oath she had taken to the Indian constitution was as immaterial as the fact that the Hindunazi demand to stop conversions is also against the constitutional guarantee of religious freedom to all citizens.

And then there was Christmas, a national holiday in India. What happened on Christmas? It was declared Good Governance Day, whatever the hell that might be – and everyone was ordered to turn up at their offices or face the music. It’s so openly an attempt to sabotage Christmas that nobody seriously suggested it was anything else.

There’s a lot more to it – religious “riots”, which are actually usually carefully preplanned and prepared pogroms. There is the so-called “love jihad”, where Muslims were accused of seducing and converting innocent Hindu maidens. There is the Durga Vahini, a female Hindu jihadist group whose members are trained in combat and are taught absolute subservience to Hindu men and to be ready to give their lives for the religion. In Gujarat, Modi’s home state, which saw a vicious anti-Muslim pogrom in 2002, an “antiterrorist exercise” was conducted in which the people acting as “terrorsits” were made to chant Muslim slogans. And there is the steady rise of shrill Hindunazi voices on social networks.

And what’s the reaction of the (actually elected, unlike the last one, and therefore perfectly genuine) Prime Minister? Mostly, deafening silence. Even though his own business base has reacted with concern and dismay, he’s chosen to keep his formerly strident voice totally in check. When the choice came between Big Business and Big Fascism, he’s obviously – by omission if not by commission – chosen the latter. And for someone who came to power talking of “development”, all he’s done is put incompetent morons in charge of various ministries and proclaimed – at a gathering of scientists, no less – that ancient Indians (read, Hindus) had plastic surgery and genetic engineering. Not one of the “scientists” there said a word in protest.

None of this is surprising, if you’ve read my earlier writings on this subject. I had pretty much predicted back then that these things would happen if the Hindunazis gained complete power. Unfortunately, there’s no organised political opposition worth a damn right now. The effete and corrupt Congress Party has yet to recover from its defeat at the elections seven months ago, and is disintegrating in slow motion. The less said of the various “centrist” parties, who can’t stand each other, the better. And as for the self-styled (mainstream) “Communist” parties, they’re still going through their self-inflicted and drawn-out hara-kiri.

It’s not a pretty sight, and all it’s doing is consolidating Hindunazi power.

The only avenue of dissidence remaining, it would seem, is the net, the equivalent of East European samizdat literature. But the Hindunazis are as well aware of that as anybody, and on 1st January they banned 32 websites, including Vimeo and Internet Archive (apparently the ban has been lifted from four of them since). The excuse was that these sites were carrying “ISIS propaganda”, though some of them are sites primarily used by software programmers and have no political content at all. But YouTube, which does have a lot of jihadi propaganda, wasn’t touched, and as for ISIS, one of its main propaganda disseminators was arrested in Bangalore late last year. He used to send out ISIS tweets via Twitter. Nobody has tried to block Twitter.

Ergo, this blocking exercise has nothing to do with ISIS at all and is just a try-out for suppressing dissent. The writing is on the wall.

But the people who voted for Modi thinking he would bring in “good days” still have an awesome denial system. To them, Modi isn’t anything more than a victim of the intrigues of his colleagues, who want to undermine the poor man. They’d still look for a way to defend him if he turned up at their doorsteps, demanding they change to his kind of Hindufascism.

Yes, I did say that. The minorities are only a tool in the Hindunazi attempt to grab absolute power, Their primary target are the Hindus, who have always historically been an amorphous, disunited, heterogeneous and generally speaking highly tolerant religion. The Hindunazi project – which as I’ve said before is closely modelled on Nazism – seeks, more than anything, to force this religion, and the tolerance it’s represented, into a straitjacket where no free thought of any kind is permitted. And they’re getting away with it too.

And you know the irony? The majority of the Hindunazis – like the Zionazis, whom they also love as brothers-in-arms – are open about their personal atheism. Like the Zionazis, they do their killing in the name of a god they do not believe in.

Yes, as I said at the start of the article, the time has come to take a stand. There's no sitting on this fence. The choice is between siding with the Hindunazis, opposing them (at whatever cost to oneself), or being swept away with the tide.

You know which I've chosen.

2015 will be an interesting time.

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