Wednesday, 7 May 2014


I'm a zombie, oh yes ma'am
You'll know me for what I am
I don't roam, seeking brain
I just stink like a sewer main.

Stink, did I say? That's not all!

A crow ate my left eyeball
A leaf fell onto my right
I hope the tree gets done by blight.

My left hand is somewhat gone
Lost its cunning, my right its brawn.
As for my legs, to the toes
I can't feel them, or my nose. 

I don't bite, or besiege all
The story's heroes in a mall
My legs won't work, my jaws won't go
My teeth fell out all in a row.

At night, the rats, out they creep
Of my rotting corpse they eat deep. 
And I haven't told you of the flies
Breeding maggots of wondrous size. 

In my belly, germs devour
More of my innards by the hour. 
Like a blimp up I swell
Till I'm round as a bell. 

If I could rise, if I could walk
It isn't you I would stalk. 
I'd take a flame thrower to myself
And turn to ashes on the shelf. 

But even then, I am afraid
My epitaph will not be said.
In the urn the ashes thrill
To the whims of a zombie will. 

Something worse than lying out
On the roadside, bloated stout
Eaten by rats, flies and more
Drained of muscle, nerves and gore

You think worse it couldn't get?
I feel for you, my little pet.
Far worse than a rotting pile
Worse than maggots by a mile

Is a zombie heap of ash
That can't even stir, let alone dash
And if you hear a rustling in my urn
You know I didn't even burn.

Oh I'm a zombie, yes I am
Romero grew rich on zombies, ma'am.
But all I do is rot and trust
Someday I'll fall to dust. 

And then I'll be in the breeze
Inside your nostrils. Wheeze, sneeze
I'll be in you, I'll do my thing
And then I'll be the King. 

Beware, cringe, be very afraid
I'll go but I’ll never fade
And when you die you will be
Another zombie just like me.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2014


  1. I'm a little regretful I read this right before bedtime. But it was worth it. Maybe I will have a dream about it.

  2. Poor zombie. There, there. I'd pat you on the arm if I didn't think it would fall off.


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