Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Thought for the Day

Oppression always rides on the back of a carefully crafted lie: that the victims are the real oppressors, and that the perpetrators are merely defending themselves. Once that narrative has been successfully instilled in popular consciousness, anything goes as far as hurting the victims is concerned. 

At times this approaches farcical dimensions. I recall reading an account of a German born in Romania justifying the Nazi Holocaust against Jews in something like these words: "You keep talking about what we did to the Jews, but you never talk about what the Jews did to us!"

So what was it that the Jews did? Did they eat German babies or something? You're eager to find out. And then this same guy goes on to say that his father, a farmer, was shortchanged by a Jewish wholesaler.

That's it. A Jewish wholesaler - in Romania - made a questionable deal (allegedly), and therefore this justified the massacre of not just that Jew in particular but all Jews, including Jews from countries on the other side of the continent.

Then we have the case of Zionistan, where the Chosen People justify their own racist genocidal policies against the Palestinians by claiming that a Qassam rocket - in essence, more an upgraded firework than a weapon - is justification for systematic starvation of the Palestinian people, their confinement to Bantustans, and periodically, their massacre by bombing and the like. The simple fact is that, statistically, a Zionist is more likely to be killed by a peanut than a Qassam, but facts aren't the motive factor here.

In this country, you can safely substitute "Muslim" for "Jew" or "Palestinian", with the Hindunazis going to even more ludicrous lengths to justify their bigotry. Since they're hard put to find recent examples to justify their chauvinism, they fall back on alleged "massacres" perpetrated by Muslim rulers a thousand years ago. Asked to provide actual, verifiable figures for this, from genuine historians, of course, their response is vituperative abuse or silence.

None of this is surprising. It's difficult to justify murdering another people by claiming that they look, or pray, or dress differently from you. But claim that they have sinned against your people, and it's easy.

Aye, the perpetrators have a right to defend themselves, after all!

Muslim man "getting what he deserves", Central African Republic.


  1. Ah; the 'big lie'.

    We Americans are such amateurs.

  2. Your first sentence here needs to be spray painted on buildings everywhere.

    Everybody loves playing the role of the victim and martyr - especially those people who know they're doing bad stuff themselves.

    "Birth of a Nation" stuff there, man...

  3. Ah Bill, there you go again old friend. Spreading truth on the interwebs. Good grief, what are you doing? Educating the masses?
    Glad for your efforts. Always so nice to see others telling the truth.

  4. True in the world among nations, true in the world among families. Abusive parents/partners almost always claim that they themselves are the victims in their sad family dramas.


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