Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Winter. Grey light seeping –
Cloud-filtered free of colour
Down to mark the leaden hours of day;
Between the dark and the dark.

Winter. Time of heartbreak. Time of tears
Filling the corners of the mind
With unshed pain.
Only memories to mark the year gone by;
Nothing to hope for in the year to come.
Time pressed between calendar sheets
Yesterday, today, and another today.

Winter. Bare branches against the sky
Time of death. The time to hold one’s hope
Close against the creeping night
Where dreams shatter
In a moment, brittle as glass.

Winter. Time of the frozen sparrow
Of the knife of ice in the heart.
Winter, when pain goes dragging past
Chains to enslave the soul;
Time to hug a lover close
Warm and safe, against the grey
Dying time.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2013


  1. Very poetic description of Winter... I really like it...

  2. Winter really sucks. You've said it so much more eloquently.


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