Friday 22 November 2013

Fairly Useless Fact (Number Whatever it is)

Pigs are the only animals in the world reared for one purpose only: meat. They don't lay eggs, they aren't sheared for wool, nobody drinks pig milk and they aren't suited to be draught animals. All farm pigs are raised to be slaughtered and eaten, either at maturity or when they can no longer breed. No exceptions. 

[Old Major in Animal Farm said this out straight: "You young porkers before me, every one of you will gasp your lives out at the block within the year."]

Also, pigs aren't stupid animals. They have the same order of intelligence as dogs. 

Remember both those facts when you watch those kids' cartoons with happy talking pink pigs, and suddenly they aren’t funny any longer. Suddenly they’re horror movies. 

You're welcome.


  1. If they ever team up with the dolphins, we're all screwed! (maybe literally...)

  2. Oh sob. I love pigs. I mean pork. A nice tenderloin roast with peaches, raisin and almonds. I known they are raised under wretched conditions, mostly, which I try to have an effect on through some animal groups. *sigh*

    On another note, if they teamed up with dolphins, would they be porkpoises?

  3. I just had another friend tell me turkeys are killed inhumanly. My food choice are tanking.
    Most meat - bad for me or raised inhumanely.
    Berries - Picked by slave laborers.
    Chocolate and coffee - more slave labor
    Fish - mercury, radioactive from Fukushima
    Produce - unlabeled GMO's
    Cheerios - Astra pissed in them.
    The end.

  4. Well, I still enjoy a good bit of bacon, ham and a nice pork chop.
    Animals should be treated humanely and killed in a humane manner though. End the game played by kosher and halal (spelling?). Those methods are vile and disgusting.


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