Monday, 7 January 2013

If Allah Wills

A question for Muslim fundamentalists:

So, guys – you know how when you really, really want something to happen, you say “so and so will be...Inshallah?” Be it a victory in a cricket match or a jihad against atheist socialist governments, or whatever?

You do? All right.

So, suppose what you want does not happen. Suppose your cricket team loses or your jihad is steamrolled into the ground. That means – that can only mean – that Allah does not will it. Right?

Therefore – by wanting it – you have set yourself directly against the desires of Allah. Logical? Yes, it is logical.

Ergo, you are Allah’s enemies and deserve the punishment due to all such – which is, unless I am badly mistaken, hellfire and damnation for eternity.

I’m glad we’re all agreed here.

Carry on.

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