Friday 17 August 2012

From the Deck of Mr Ali Hassan

Salaam Aleikum, brother.

Please forgive my indignation for contcting you in such a manner but my earnest prayers were directed in your direction when I implored Allah’s help in seeking a reliable and good business partner. Allah informed me that you are a pure and honest person who will be of help to me in my current problem.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ali Hassan and I am a Somali Pirate. In August this year when my gang captured Greek ship and held it hostage, in a secret compartment I came across a box in which I found, apart from several packets of heroin, cash of $ 6,005,431 (Six million, five thousand, four hundred and thirty one US dollars only).

You must understand that I was the fellow who found it. No other fellow knows about this. I must also tell you that the heroin I found means that the money was meant to be used by drug people and not for good fellows. So I destroyed the heroin packets and took the box of money with me when we left the ship. Afterwards I deposited in the Bank of Mogadishu, account in the name of Hassan Ali.

However it is now big problem what to do with the money. I cannot spend the money in Somalia because of the war and the situation, also if I leave it in the account it will be taken by corrupt officials if something happens (Allah forbid) to my esteemed self. So I am looking for a reliable foreign partner into whose account I can transfer the funds, after which we can share the proceeds (60% for me, 30% for you, and 10% for incidental expenses) and also you, as the foreign partner, can help me invest the money in your country.

Please understand that the transfer is completely legal and risk-free and that there is nothing but gain for youfr estimated self. If you agree to conditions, please send information as under:

1.    Your name
2.    Your residential address
3.    Your phone number
4.    A scanned copy of your International Passport and driving licence.
5.    Your bank account number and details including current bank balance and secret ATM code
6.    Your credit card numbers.
7.     A scanned copy of your specimen signature.

Please do not imagine this is a Nigerian 419 Scam. For one thing, I am not Nigerian. For two thing, I am not scammer. I am attaching photograph of myself so you can see that I am completely honest and legitimate fellow.

Yours cordially

Ali Hassan
Pirate Speedboat Commander


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