Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Two or three thoughts about fame

Whenever I hear about celebrities who burn out because they "can't handle their fame" I have a strong desire to ask them to exchange places with me, because, damn it, I want that fame. I want it very much.

But then I remember that I don't actually enjoy the society of people at all, especially people in large numbers. I also like to have my time to myself rather than hand it out slice by slice to multitudes of faceless "fans". Also, I kind of enjoy my privacy.

And after that I go back to reading or writing; something I don't think the average celebrity has the time or inclination to do.

Frankly, I no longer blame celeb-twits for their staggeringly mindless comments, like Angelina Jolie on KONY2012 where she said she doesn't know anybody who doesn't hate Kony. These people have essentially painted themselves into a corner where they have to play the "celebrity activist" and yet lack the time, intelligence or patience to do any research on anything. So they have people to feed them predigested pap and spew it out for the cameras.

And there are those who are no longer anything more than a packaged product, subject to market research and evaluation. Can you imagine changing yourself to suit what your fan base think you should be like, to dress and act as they want you to, even to weigh as much as they think you should? I can't.

No, I'm glad I am not a celebrity. I mean, I like a bit of fame. But I want it on my terms.

Otherwise, forget it. I'd rather be me.


  1. I dont know.. I want YOU to have fame. The world would most definitely be a better place if we have sane and intelligent people that are famous and have a large, large audience.

    MY being famous though would be completely useless though.
    I have a god complex.
    Make me a dictator, and I will not act surprised or hesitate in my actions. hahahhahaaw!
    I think I will be another Gaddhafi.

  2. I would waste my fame on avoiding paparazzi and whining about not having any privacy.

  3. I am glad I'm not a celebrity. I do incredibly dumb stuff all of the time and really don't have to live with the consequences of it.

    I think I say things dumber than the dumbest things George W. Bush ever said, but on a daily or maybe even hourly basis.


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