Saturday, 26 November 2011

International Giving Obama The Finger Day

I realise this incident happened a few days ago. However, I just got to know of it this morning, and since, damn it, whether you like it or not, it's my damned idea, I am naming today International Giving Obama The Finger Day.

For those of you who don't know about it yet, an anchorwoman called Tatiana Limanova on a Russian TV network did this to the Messiah cum Nobel Peace Prizident:

She did it as she read Obama's name while reporting on the APEC summit in Hawaii earlier this month, possibly believing that she wasn't on screen at the time and was on "voice over".

Here, have a good look again:

How many of us have instantly made Ms Limanova our new heroine? How many of us would love to give the warmongering, voter-betraying, murderous, waffling, corporate-shilling Nobel Peace Prizident the finger ourselves? Just about the only people who wouldn't, it seems to me, are the shrinking number of True Believers for whom Obama-worship is now a de facto religion, and whose faith is firm and unflinching. 

Hopefully Ms Limanova will find new employment shortly. Her ex-employers' competitors should be a good place to start looking.

[I am aware, incidentally, of the claim that Limanova was giving one of her camerapeople the finger for trying to make her laugh on screen, but I don't believe it. Attempting that kind of thing is utterly unprofessional and Limanova is hardly a beginner to fall for such juvenile humour. Besides, until the moment she gave Obama the finger, she didn't even look up from her notes. It sounds like an attempt at damage control on someone's part, as though there were any damage to be controlled.]

As for the rest of us, I suggest we all show Obama the finger ourselves. After all, they can't fire us.

Here  I am, doing it:

See how easy it is?

Right, now you do it too.


  1. I've said it before... and, I'll say it again: PRICELESS!

    She deserves a medal.

  2. Let's see, that's "Slap a politician Day" followed by "Give Obama the finger Day", my Bill, your schedule is getting kind of full. However will you get any work done? :P

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