Wednesday 12 July 2023

Have you noticed?

 Gone are all those airy puff pieces talking about Ukranazistan's  inevitable  victory, as gone as those ten years ago predicting the "imminent and inevitable" fall of Assad. Gone is the triumphant air of imminent control of the world. The increasingly  desperate tone is that Ukranazistan cannot be allowed to lose because that would be a disaster for the "world". The "world", in this case, means the Wall Street warmongers, their political puppets, and the Europistani slaves, naturally.  And yet the only way that Ukranazistan's defeat can be staved off is an open NATO intervention,  but they can't risk that because Russia has been pushed to the point that it can't and won't back down. And yet Ukranazistan's  defeat will mean the economic ruination of Europistan, which thought it could recoup its losses from looting Ukranazistan and from "war reparations" from Russia. It is a conundrum that can't be solved without kicking out Uncle Sam, but kicking out Uncle Sam is impossible  because in order to spite Russia Europistan has sold itself to him as slaves and chattels even more completely than ever before. 

Meanwhile German tanks painted with WWII nazi cross insignia continue to burn in the fields of Ukranazistan. 

I don't know if the media that give the rainbow haired liberal freaks their daily outrage instructions have told them about it.


  1. In all the Western media, the Ukraine are winning, they have killed more than 300,000 Russian soldiers, and NATO helped them target and kill just about every general. The sanctions left Russia unable to borrow or build any weapons, so they are using Soviet and even Czarist weapons and are being destroyed by the advanced NATO weapons the Ukrainians have. The few surviving Russians sneak into undefended villages like Bucha, kill everyone they can find, and sneak out before the Ukrainian police can get there to arrest them.
    The fact that none of this is true doesn't matter, that is the only version that can be legally printed or broadcast by the Western media.


  2. By law, the Western media must publish/broadcast that Russia are absolutely certain to lose everything, including a large swatch of Western Russia as a buffer state. The Russian military have lost more than 300,000 and the few remaining are about to revolt, overthrow Putin, and agree to all the terms DC and Kiev want to impose. So that is all most Westerners ever see. All false, but when Western leaders read/watch their media that they wrote, they figure it must all be true.



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