Sunday, 7 February 2021

The Lens Of Hypocrisy


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The Lens of Hypocrisy is a creation of the MI6/CIA Laboratories in Newyorktimes, BBCNNistan, which is meant to protect viewers and/or readers from an overdose of facts and truth which might be harmful for them. Facts and truth are addictive and tend to lead those exposed to them into doubting  regime change colour revolution  attempts, oppose imperialist wars of aggression, and condemn the murder of children by drone strikes. In order to protect them the Lens of Hypocrisy is designed to be placed firmly between facts and truth and the audience.


The Lens of Hypocrisy works by twisting all facts and truth  by 180°, so that,  for instance, a blood soaked war criminal who spent eight years bombing seven countries every three minutes is a Nobel Peace Prize "winner", an American instigated Nazi coup in Ukraine  becomes a "Russian  invasion", Syria defending itself against a horde of jihadi cannibal  headchoppers becomes "Assad gassing his own people", a piece of Guano who didn't even stand for election is the "legitimate president of Venezuela", and a racist Quisling and convicted criminal with a sub-2% approval rating is "Putin's greatest opponent" and will inevitably "overthrow him". 


It is noted that the lens is not large enough; individuals who move far enough to the left, or even sometimes to the right, receive an overwhelming exposure to reality. Such individuals become almost irredeemably unbrainwashed and potentially Russian bots, trolls, and puppets of Putin. At this time efforts are being urgently made by the Twittergoogle Laboratory in Zuckerbergistan to deal with this problem.

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  1. Once upon a time, before History Began, most Americans were isolationists. They wanted the US military to stay inside the US to defend against invasion by non-WASPs. The Left wanted more rights for the workers, and more peaceful international cooperation. The Right wanted to have nothing to do with anything outside the Western Hemisphere (obviously, all of Latin America was a US neo-colony since the days of Monroe: local Heads of State were all helped to power by the US and always did just as the US told them to do or they were immediately replaced by a Head of State who would).
    Then came the neo-liberals and the neo-conservatives. Neo-liberals want the US military to spread Democracy* to the entire world, and are 'woke', meaning the law must ensure that those who embrace alternate lifestyles are always free to walk into any pastry shop and demand a pastry celebrating their lifestyle, to be provided at a reduced cost. Neo-conservatives also believe in spreading Democracy*, but insist that bakers must be free to reject making any pastry with which they are uncomfortable, or at least to charge an exorbitant price for making it.

    *Democracy - any government, whether headed by a single individual, a small group, or elected by all the Citizens, as long as it does exactly what the US tells it to do.



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