Monday, 1 June 2020

Burn, Amerikastan, Burn

Burn Amerikastan burn

It's beautiful watching you burn

You who knelt on our necks for decades, burn.

You who broke into our countries on false pretences, looted our economies, stole our resources, raped wives in front of husbands, killed fathers in front of daughters, droned mothers and their sons.

You who claim to stand taller, see further, be exceptional, be indispensable, even as you attacked those who couldn't fight back, 

The world sees you for what you are

Now you burn.

Burn Amerikastan burn.

In the name of the children of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Donbass,  Yemen, Afghanistan

Burn to ashes, Amerikastan.


  1. The constabulary in America (and many other places) are paid with taxes on ordinary people to serve as armed guards to protect the 0.1% who have what the Chinese call guanxi and the Arabs call wasta.
    The rioters are burning the shops that are owned by, staffed by, and sell to members of the rabble, and those who run America could care less.


  2. No great loss when it's gone.


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