Wednesday, 1 January 2020

New Year Post 2020

2019 was not a good year.

Let me elucidate: 2019 was an extremely bad year. It started bad, kept getting worse, and ended with me in a hospital bed with a temperature of 41.7 degrees Celsius, being pumped full of antibiotics intravenously four times a day. In between I got hardly anything done: writing became something I did not even want to think about.

I lost one good friend: Jerry Larson, known to friends as Harry Hamid, and a daughter: Juno, my Neapolitan Mastiff. I did gain a couple of babies, Vesta and Shaka. So.

I drew some cartoons, not as many as I might have wanted. Motivation became more and more elusive. Why should I do anything when almost nobody cared?

I left all social media in 2019, probably permanently and forever. The one I was still using, VKontakte, suspended my account on plainly fictitious grounds, making it perfectly clear that their only reason to suspend me was to silence me. I have had it with social media.

Meanwhile, personally, my life was crumbling. I endured extreme stress, waking up in the middle of the night and lying awake for hours. I had to literally force myself to get out of bed in the morning to face the day.

In Hindunazistan the Modi regime created situation after situation that wrecked the country beyond repair. In this very town violence caused curfew to be imposed for weeks, and it may and probably will break out again anytime soon.

Being put in this kind of situation made me decide some things:

First, I have to get out of dentistry. I have never pretended to like this profession, but now it is literally killing me. I can’t get the last thirty years of my life back and start over, but I can try and at least see to it that my next thirty years are at least tolerable.

Secondly, since I don’t know how to earn a living at anything else, and I can’t take years off to retrain (and then compete for employment against people less than half my age) I can only try and earn money writing.

Third, in India it is impossible to earn money writing.

Therefore I need to find agents and publishers elsewhere.

And I need to write more, and hope to find success somewhere, sometime.

Meanwhile, I will have to earn a living however I can, because I can’t go on with dentistry.

Because of my hospitalisation I couldn’t even draw my usual New Year’s cartoon. Last year on 1 January I had predicted that the final implosion of the Amerikastani Empire would begin in 2019. The end of the year saw Amerikastani war criminals crouching fearfully on the roof of the Amerikastani “embassy” in Baghdad as Iraqi security forces prevented Iraqi protestors from ripping them limb from limb: the same Iraqi security forces whose members those Amerikastani war criminals had murdered the day before. I submit that my prediction was correct.

So, a happy 2020 to you all, with more writing from me, and damnation to all things Amerikastani.


  1. Sorry it was such an awful year for you. It was for me, too, though the last 13 years have been awful. But this and 2018 ... yes, way worse. Among many things, I too was on IV antibiotics for six weeks in 2018 ... osteomylitis. Painful, scary and stressful. I hope you find a way to earn a living outside of dentistry. I have missed you. I cannot even concentrate on much anymore, but will try to find your writings and read them. No computer anymore, just phone, and mush for brains. Best wishes and be well. --Sheila

  2. Poor poor Bill. Don't give up with your writing. Apart from entertaining and educating us I'm sure it's therapeutic for you.Dont blame you wanting to get out of dentistry. My brother in law's brother left dentistry and retrained as a civil engineer! He's very happy. I can see that probably isn't an option for you but I truly hope you find something. Hard to think clearly when your health is shot.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear your year have been this bad. :( Sorry for your losses too. Can only hope future holds brighter promise. You are a very talented man in many various fields.

    I think I can somewhat relate, the last 2½-3 years I have been suffering from basically chronic infections and also lost my beloved sister. The worst part about having constant infections for me is not that I'm sick per say, but not being able to perform at the level I expect of myself.


  4. Also very sorry to hear about your problems. You deserve much better than that.



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