Saturday 16 February 2019

He Who Demands War

Let he who demands war be the first to enlist;

If he does not enlist, let him be conscripted;

Let him, furthermore, be placed in the first wave of attack in the war he demands;

And to him, if the war succeeds, may the glory go forever.

We don't want that glory.

The rest of us would prefer peace, 

Thank you.


  1. Thrasymachus. Justice is whatever the strongest says is justice. Socrates found some theoretical flaws that made Thrasymachus' justice fail as a prescriptive definition, but (and Thrasymachus didn't have the word) it's still a good descriptive definition. And them what has Power (in Arabic, wasta, in Chinese, guanxi, no word in English where everyone believes the Law is always the best Law possible and is given by selfless providers) say what wars is good and who gets the 'honour' of fighting them (and it's never them what starts those wars).


  2. Works OK for me Bill.
    After my time in the shit storm of the Vietnam war my fellow Marines agreed with me, the next time "they" want a war, "they" ALL most go and fight it. "They" can take along any others who are for said war.
    We figured that ain't gonna happen. Ever, but damn, it sure might cut down on how many damn fool wars we'd have.


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