Tuesday, 10 April 2018

A very short (possible) farewell note

Nuclear war is radiotherapy for the cancer that is the Imperialist States of Amerikastan.

It is too late for surgery, and the patient can wait no longer. The cancer insists on spreading, and the cells that make up the tumour are indifferent to the fact that they, too, will be destroyed when the body they are intent on killing dies.

There is, therefore, no other option. It is literally kill or cure. The world can wait no longer.

If this is the last post before WWIII, it was nice knowing you.


  1. You posted a year or so ago (and now the Russian propaganda channel agrees) that Putin made a big mistake. Basically, rational people, if they engage in bad, illegal actions, and find that they are very well rewarded, will engage in more of the same, and try even worse actions, and if those worse actions result in even greater rewards, their actions will continue to get worse and worse. If bad actions are punished, they'll pull back, and not repeat the actions that resulted in losses and agony. The US/UK/FR have been continuing neo-colonial aggression, while Putin responded with words, not deeds (and not too many words at that). Each aggression was immensely profitable for the leaders who ordered it (and their Friends, if not for the soldiers who had to carry it out, or the median citizens of their countries). So, of course, they've gotten worse and worse.

    Now the BBC says the WHO has verified that the Syrian government murdered 500 children, and Blair says the UK must join the US and France in punishing this evil action (i.e., destroy Syria and steal all its resources). The single WHO official who made the pronouncement is not identified by the BBC, which just keeps saying, 'Remember, we have a long reputation for always telling the truth.'

    In US terms, a 220 lb bully (held back a couple of grades) has been beating up all the 98 lb weaklings and stealing their lunch money. For some reason, he has not beaten up the 140 lb student (who brings his own borscht to school for lunch--the bully doesn't like borscht, and there's no money to steal). The 140 lb student is in the middle of a growth spurt, while the 220 lb bully seems to be as big as he's going to get. And now the 140 lb fellow (who's now up to about 160 lbs) has told the bully to stop, or else. And the bully's response, 'Just try it, and you'll be a beaten pulp. If you back down and apologise, I might give you a little money (I've got plenty).' The BBC says Russia is a cornered rat, but the US/UK/FR very generously gave them a way to back down and save face.

    In other words, I completely agree with your post (but needed rather more words to say it).


  2. Bill,
    Well, since the orange haired rodent who is the current POTUS has put the war criminal and coward (he duked out of the Vietnam war like Mr 5 deferments Cheney) as his advisor, we just may be closer to an all out nuclear war than ever before.
    I am very happy to have read your works and to have been your friend. Still would have enjoyed meeting you in person and having a drink, your choice with you at least one time before I die. Ah well, and so it goes.


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